I’m a fan of The Out of Body Special!!!

I attended this Charity concert at Fiama last January 4, 2008. It was a Benefit Concert for the Philippine National Red Cross — a “Red Letter Night” event. 🙂

Then one of the performers was The Out of Body Special! Then I thought at first they were a reggae band because they had to set up a lot of instruments and they have lots of instruments (indications of a reggae band). Then they played and it was more of like RnB/Soul but it was nothing that I have heard of yet it was like a reggae – rnb – rap kinda thing and the music was just so overwhelming that you could see my amazed face really so glowing…

Ok so I said I had to blog about them.. and remind me later to buy their album (if there still is) when me and Cis would watch a movie.

And so I googled them and I do not want to download pirated copies of their music!!! They are just so… Out of the ordinary!!! so Special for me!!! See in the video below… I was so entertained by it… Nice production.. and GREAT Music!!! I wish I could view them live some more!!!

I will try to find out their gig scheds and post them for you…

In the meantime… enjoy watching!!!

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