Lets Go Sago Surf Clinic
Let's Go Sago Surf Clinic

This is a quickie post.

I’m promoting my friend’s event: Let’s Go Sago Surfing Clinic in La Union

Why? Because I also want to promote sports to you alls! Don’t just sit on your laurels! Go out! hear the waves! stand on the waves! SURF!

It’s the awesome-est event of the year organized by Jonel Uy of Let’s Go Sago.    It’s a surf clinic catered to beginners to surfing and the first-timers!  But don’t worry if you are a surf pro already, I think you can still join since it’s a charity event and portion of the proceeds will go to the WWF-Philippines!

Main objectives of this project are:

• Financially assist WWF-Philippines in their local endeavors & operations.
• Further promote Philippine tourism.
• Strengthen the local community of Philippine bloggers through this project.

Click here to view more detalis about the project.

Click here to register now!


  1. I was going to say that I don’t know how to surf kasi – un pala for beginners ito. Hehe.

    La Union is uber far, but it’s worth the trip if only for the great sunsets and awesome waves. 🙂 I’ve never been there, but I’ve been to Pagudpud – and if it’s anything like that, then it’ll be one awesome trip. 😀 Enjoy!

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