Tuesday Bliss and Kiss and TV5 @ mag:net


My bladder is all painful due to the alcohol I have been drinking these days >.<  And worse, I got my monthly visitor and I have to update my calendar on anewyou.com.ph The website usually sends me an SMS reminder 3 or 2 days before my period but I got mine early this month… weird…

Anyway, more work today…  Partied heavy last night though I missed one event that I so wanted to go because Mo Twister is the host.  It was Freeway’s event but sadly my work got in the way so, paiseh to Freeway’s PR I would have really wanted to be there!

I went to TV5’s launch at mag:net though.  They launched their late night shows and TV5 is really rockin’ the TV industry!  They are growing and I love all the well-thought shows they have.  I met quite a few new people, some old ones and new acquaintances.  Jojo A is really funny and I must watch that late night show if I can go home at 11pm which is not often!

The musicblogger and I also worked our way to the stage to try the rockeoke thing and it’s a first to both of us.  I don’t know if I sang well or not because I could not hear myself!  I could just hear drums, guitar, and “clapping” but not my voice T___T

I will be uploading pictures of the event soon so watch my Gallery for event updates! CIAOZ!


  1. and telly I hazz an Idea… can we like not work nalang and build our own PR something? haha… Can we attend events and live the good life nalang hahaha

  2. I am not actually the perfect drinking buddy. You might end up really sober at the end of the night because of me. =P

    Yay, tag me along next time please. KTHANKSBYE! (I’ve always wanted to use that) =P

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