TV5 movie premiere – 2012 at Glorietta


Burger King

picture taken by Jehz using LX3 and wide angle lens

After the Digital Filipino Web awards Jehz, Mica, Ada, Vince and I stopped by at Burger King for some nourishments :P  We just hang out there as Vince gets to know the other “Nyokers.”  One thing I realized though, Jehz is way OC than I thought!  He kept on cleaning his LX3 Lenses! Oh and his LX3 is a gadget candy!!!  I want to save enough money for that next year… or wait, maybe I’ll just wait for the LX4 to come out 😛

picture by Jehz using LX3 and fish-eye lens

The 2012 movie

After that we went straight to Cinema 1 of Glorietta 4.  We met Myk and he gave us the tickets and PR XD yayez!  Now it’s movie time!

OMG The movie’s cinematography and the effects are gnarly nice!  There’s a whole lot of action too… the action never stopped and the whole time I had this tight grip on my seat!  I think it would be better to watch this though in a 4D cinema… I would love to feel the seats shake every time there’s an earthquake :P  Wouldn’t it be nice? 😛

Anyway, after the movie I got dragged and interviewed by TV5 😛 it was a LOL moment because I really don’t know what to say… but I really did enjoy the movie and I recommend you guys to watch it!!! Worth it!!!

Thank you Myk and TV5 for the premiere tickets!


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