Blog Clogged – Writing from Windows Live Writer

As much as I wanted to publish one blog post per day, I wasn’t able to.  Now, I have a blog clog.  Anton of advised me to publish events and blog post as it happens as much as possible because a lot of things happen in a day.  Next thing you know, you’re blog clogged.

Shame, and it is my situation now.

Suddenly, I miss my MSI Wind UMPC.  The really light net book that I can bring anywhere.  I have a sun mobile broadband pen right now and it is really a handy tool.  I am using a very bulky 14 inch laptop right now though.  I figured, if I partnered my sun mobile with my UMPC, that would be perfect.  But, I gave it to my aunt for her use… T___T

Anyway, I love technology and it has been quite a long while since I’ve made a blog tech post.  There were a lot of events in January and I now that I am feeling well, I’m off to publishing everything…

Today, I just feel like writing… no pictures… no whatever… I have been using Windows Live Writer application and it has been a very convenient tool for my blogging.  You should try it out by yourself if you want because you would never know how comfy it is to write a blog post and arranging pictures etc. until you try it out yourself.

Let’s work hard…


  1. Me too! I’m also blog clogged! Hahaha Busy work and social life. I’ve been a live writer user ever since I started blogging and I’ve never used any other blogging client. I still find it the best.

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