How to Import Blog From WordPress to Blogger

I have a few WordPress sites that I wanted to import to Blogger.  Blogger’s interface has changed a lot from when it started and I am just so impressed at how customizable Blogger is now.  WordPress for me is the best blogging platform for a lot of reasons.  With WordPress, you can fully customize your site to your very specific and detailed needs.  However, this might just be complicated to some.  And for some of my baby blogs that just needs the most basic blogging tools then I believe I would transfer them to Blogger instead. will remain with WordPress :) 

Anyway, transferring Blogger to is usually very easy.  But the other way around isn’t so.  Transferring from WordPress (self hosted) to Blogger might even be more difficult for you.


I figured out how to import a WordPress Blog into Blogger and I will share how.


1.  Go to your self hosted WordPress blog and log-in.

2.  Go to Dashboard > Tools Tab > Export image

3. Download the Export File.  And remember the file name where you saved it 😛


The file you will download should look like this



4. Go to WordPress2Blogger website.  You will see this. 


Hit on “Choose File” and locate the wordpress xml file you downloaded earlier.  Then, click “Convert”

This will convert the wordpress xml file into a Blogger format and will include post contents and comments.


5. Go to your Blogger Dashboard now and go to Settings > Basic > Import Blog


6.  Choose the converted file.  Make sure that “Automatically publish all imported posts” is checked.  Click “Import Blog” and you’re done 😀



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