I know I would need to explain the title.

I couldn’t think of any title to this blog post so before writing, I decided to brush my teeth and wash up first before blogging and going to sleep.  In the bathroom, I saw a HUGE dragonfly Smile  I know I’m a scaredy cat and I freak out at freaky squeeky and creepy things but a dragonfly is different Smile


That dragonfly reminded me of my childhood.  I used to catch dragonflies in 3rd grade on our school’s huge field back in the day.  I am boyish and played whatever guys played during the day.  Of course, I also hang out with boyish girls lol.  During lunch time, while other girls are playing “sliding wallet”, I was catching grasshoppers and dragonflies.  I couldn’t count how many of those insects I caught but I could remember it was many.  Don’t worry, I don’t hurt them … I think Smile with tongue out  I believe we let them go after we caught them.  (I am not a murderer, not even to helpless insects)  Well, maybe except for mosquitos and red ants grrr.


Anyway, the dragonfly is supposedly not related to this blog post.  The dragonfly is just a memory that I don’t want to forget and that’s why I wanted to put it on the title.  Someday, somehow, I’d be reminded of how fun it was to be a kid and play around with nature rather than cyberspace.  oh well…


For the real blog post… here we go.


I don’t know where today went!  A lot of things just happened let me enumerate them:

1.  Woke up early to sit in DJ Vince G’s show “The G-spot” on Mellow 94.7 at the Paragon Plaza.  He interviewed my friend from the blogosphere Frances Sales, editor of OK magazine and blogging at TopazHorizon.com Smile  I haven’t seen her in almost a year I think and the last time I saw her was at an event and we just quickly said hi.  I thought she was going to bring baby Vito too so I thought of coming to see the little angel but she decided not to bring him up the booth because it might be noisy.  It was an interesting on-air topic about how to find yourself your prince or princess. 


This OK! issue is a must buy – I couldn’t put it down reading and viewing all their compilations for “Best and Worst” for the year and many other good stuff.

Here’s the intro of their interview that I shot using my Nokia N95:

Frances Sales on Mellow 947 with DJ Vince G


2.  Kiddie Party at Jollibee!  I feel like I am getting old attending a children’s party of friends.  Oh my goodness, let’s not talk about how I want to move forward in that aspect just yet… anyway, there was this game for kids and I was surprised that they also had some game for adults.  And because people were not game.. I was volunteered @[email protected]  at least I learned one thing today – how to pop a balloon lol


3.  Popping a pimple – when you get so desperate with that HUMONGOUS pimple on TOP of your nose, you learn how to Google how to pop it ~_~ and that’s exactly what I did in Hong Kong where I couldn’t get a hold of any derma help.  I thought it worked, but a week after, it’s growing again like I actually got worried that NASA’s new microbiological discovery of new species with new DNA is growing on top of my nose!  EMERGENCY!!!

Since I found myself walking around the mall after the birthday party, I looked for a clinic to inject some anti-ACNE serum on it.  Yes, they put needles on my swollen pimple – imagine the PAIN I had to endure.  I had no choice, I have shoots coming up and I don’t want my pimple still up (that rhymes!).


4.  Hair Pamperin’ – Oh, hair got fuzzed on the Hong Kong cold, time to rejuvenate with a simple hot oil Smile  Thanks to Vivere Salon and the staff for taking care of my hair Smile 



5.  Shopped for stuff at 50% off – because it’s a Sale and I am being a girl ~_~’



6.  Bought my new pair of glasses (2 of them) for only P1,300 each!  Each glasses have multicoated lens on them already – all in the price of P1,300 faints!  And the best part was, I had a free checkup (which is standard) and they made the glasses for me in my grade for only 30 minutes! 


Star-Finder Optical shop at Robinson’s Place Manila.  Their store is located behind the “House of Obagi” store Smile  They are also located in Bel Air Alabang Smile  They also had a few circle lenses that are of course safe to use.  I discourage people buying just from anywhere.  I usually buy at Optical Shops for safety.  Sometimes I buy it  at MyCandyEyes.com  I have used their lenses and so far, so good.  They also have great reviews from buyers.  Shipping was also quicker than I expected Smile


7.  Last but not the least, got my underarm waxed finally.  I used to shave, but now I go to waxing salon.  Soon, I will have it laser-removed. 


Hectic day, but now I am tired @[email protected]… time to sleep guys Smile  But first, share with me…


How was your Sunday?


  1. lol, ambilis mo naman mag reply haha. wah… buy comfy boots, marami sa hongkong… dito – good luck! I bought Ugg – but it’s not for snow and rain more on indoors. Buy something that you can walk with for a long time kse we dowan the shivers and the miscomfort at the same time

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