Flights of Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland

Happy 5th anniversary Hong Kong Disneyland!

5 years ago, Disneyland officially opened in Hong Kong!  This meant a lot to us Filipinos because we don’t have to go all the way to the US to experience the magical world of Disneyland.  Hong Kong is just 2 hours away from the Philippines and this meant, more happy trips to kids and… well, adult kid like me 😛  It’s more affordable to for us of course and we don’t need to apply for VISA in Hong Kong (unless you stay for more than 30 days).   Almost everyone can go: kids, adults, family, couples and even persons with disabilities!  Hong Kong itself is a pretty friendly place for PWD, moreso Disneyland and its different attractions.  You will clearly see in the map that they took every consideration to also have PWD enjoy touring around Disney and experiencing its different attractions.

Flights of Fantasy Parade

For their 5th year, they included more special productions.  Check out their parade every 3:30 pm.  Parade time may change though so please check the timetable when you’re there. This parade is a new production and they call it “Flights of Fantasy Parade” which happens exclusively in Hong Kong Disneyland.  This means that you can see it only in Hong Kong and not anywhere.  This production will only be played on this year.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the parade.  It was an awesome production and you shouldn’t miss this because you will get to see different Disney characters.

Are you into photography like me?  If you are, Disneyland is the perfect place for you to practice your landscape and portrait skills.  The sun shines bright and you can practice tinkering on your manual settings.  At night, there are fireworks so you would also get to practice your fireworks photography and low light snap shots because even at night Disneyland is very colorful.

I enjoyed taking photos on the Flights of Fantasy Parade more than anything else because it was so colorful and I practiced my portrait photography too with different characters.  I didn’t need a studio and a model to practice my portrait photography, here in Disneyland I already have models and efficient source of natural light 🙂

So, here we go… sharing the photos I enjoyed taking during the Flights of Fantasy Parade in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Before the parade, I took photos of myself first before I get overwhelmed taking photos of different characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Hannah Villasis

Time check it’s 4:02 but the parade started at 3:30 The characters move around the streets of the Disneyland Resort.  Where we are is the last stop of the characters and check out the crowd – all excited to see the characters!

Also, check out the uniform of the Disneyland staff – they’re so cute and they are all in costumes too!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Dumbo

Here you go, the Flights of Fantasy parade celebrating the 5th year of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Chip and Dale Donald Duck Goofy

Good ol’ Disney characters Chip and Dale, Donald Duck and Goofy!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Flying Bees Hunny.png

Bees flying around in front of me!  I want to try jumping around this thing.  What they’re doing looks so much fun!


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Wee!  I love the composition of this photo.  It’s so colorful!  Disneyland is very photogenic indeed!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

She’s so cute, she posed for me!  I want to go inside the pot because my nickname is also “Honey” or “Hunny”

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Disney Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Belle Sleeping Beauty Aurora

The parade won’t be complete without the Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora.

They get into character all the time and really act like princesses – the way they smile, they move and they speak 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland Disney Princesses Flights of Fantasy Parade Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Tinkerbell

This is the lovely and cute Tinker Bell

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Go a nice portrait of one of the flower characters 🙂


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Fairies! They looked so cute riding a bike 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Toy Story soldiers!  They are life sized though and they are not statues – they are real people in costume and they move! but they move like a toy which is so amazing!  That soldier just waved at me!  I must commend the costume and the makeup – good job!

Flights of Fantasy Parade Hong Kong Disneyland Buzz Lightyear Female Costume for ladies

Now I want to cosplay Buzz Lightyear!  These are really cute costumes and I want to make one for me to use 🙂


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

See Buzz LIghtyear, Ham and the Aliens!

and guess what, by 2012 – Hong Kong Disneyland is going to have a new attraction!

Toy Story Land!!!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Lilo and Stitch

My favorite Disney character – Stitch!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Lilo and Stitch

Aloha Hawaiian girls!

That’s about it for now.  It was really a great production and congratulations Disney for preparing this magical production for everyone!

Happy 5th Anniversary and more magical years to come!

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