Kylie Minogue Live in Manila – Aphrodite Concert

I really can’t stop thinking about the concert last night.

Kylie is the bomb!  I was so starstruck that even if we were seated a bit away from the stage, I still had the goosebumps.

She is a perfect doll.  Her skin was so perfect, really nice legs, flawless skin and she doesn’t seem to age.  I wonder what her secret is?

Yet, despite this… don’t you know that she’s only 5 feet tall like me? I was like WOW! How did that happen?  Her legs look so tall.

So guys, now you know… there’s actually a chance for us shawtys here in the world!  I am inspired to preserve my youth like how she does… I will be on “obsessed mode” with anti-aging products and moisturizers.  I would also dedicate my time to gym, exercise and my love – Pole dancing!

I am simply amazed.



kylie minogue concert manila philippines

I tweeted this photo while waiting for Kylie.  I was with Mica and I had to brave the heavy rains and the slight flood in my area!  I was just glad I arrived safe and early.  Thank you to Mellow 94.7 The Wake Up Show for the tickets!

The concert was phenomenal.  I can simply say – the best concert I’ve ever been so far!  The whole production, costumes, choreography and the half-nekid men dancing around were simply fun!  Not to mention, Kylie’s voice was awesome!!! She sang live – and you couldn’t hear her gasping for breath or anything like that..

kylie minogue concert manila aphrodite

photo credits: Micamyx

She knows how to sing and dance! She’s a performer.

She just moves with much grace, even when she’s simply walking!

I love her to bits and I wanted to marry her after the concert lol

Tickets were expensive but they were really worth it.  They also started on time (not too late around 8:30-ish).  Everything was so organized.  2 thumbs up for the organizers.


Back to the 80s.

From the start of the show, she was singing new songs.  I didn’t expect her to sing any oldies anymore.

Then, she stopped in the middle of the song, and talked gently saying she made her research and looked for possible song requests.

I don’t think she even knows that we here in the Philippines followed much of her music even since then – back in the 80s!  But THANK YOU KYLIE! you are adorable and you are my idol!

Just for us Filipinos, just for that night in Manila – she sang two songs from long ago – “Especially for you” and “Locomotion”


I cried when she started singing Especially for you… I grew up loving that song and I was just so happy that she gave that to us!

She wasn’t supposed to sing this, and she usually doesn’t – and so she said “We are making history here Manila! I havent sang this song live for a while now”.

Mica was able to get a video of this moment.

It was a very special moment with Kylie that no one can take from us.


I left my camera coz I was in a rush and I didn’t want to be late!  And so I’m grabbing photos from Mica.

kylie minogue aphrodite concert manila


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