Globe Tatt Awards

Have you nominated your favorite online personality yet? You have only 2 days more to nominate!

Last date to vote is on July 14!

You can nominate anyone you think who deserves to win Globe Tatt Awards’ categories:

  • The One: the most influential trendsetter that shaped opinion, moved people and prompted action
  • Ballbreaker: a blogger or a Twitter user who started a debate, sparked conversations or a revolution of opinions with just one hard-hitting post
  • Stylisimo: a person that not only reviewed fashion but also set a trend one that everyone followed
  • Indie Rocker: a musical band or indie artist who fought hard to claim their space in the hearts of Filipino audience via webtime
  • Wordslayer: a blogger whose mastery of words showed wit, humor and grit to the Philippine blogosphere
  • Artiste: an inspiring person whose fiery passion for creating visual art through original graphic design, animation or photography has caught fire in the Philippine online art scene
  • Tech Junkie: a blogger, podcaster or Twitter user who shares access to the latest in trends and the fast pace world of e-knowledge
  • Thought-mover: a Twitter user who sparked a fire in the Philippine Twittersphere with one unique hashtag
  • Video Slinger: an individual or group who shook the Pinoy web space with thought-provoking or entertaining video.
  • The Advocate: a person or a group of individuals who worked to improve the state of societal cause in the Philippines through social media

How to nominate? Hit this!

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