Sometimes I think I’m too friendly that I can’t say “no”.

Sometimes, I underestimate my value.  I thought I was being humble.  But it’s not.


What is humility?

Humility is freedom from pride and arrogance.  It’s a modest estimate of one’s own worth.

But clearly, I have undervalued my own worth.


It only took a friend’s word to make me realize this.  Today, a friend told me that I could do more when I focus and that I am beyond my current self-evaluated state.


Only a genuine friend would help a lost sheep in the big city.


You know who you are friend, thank you!  Thank you for changing my life!


I just realized today that I am more than what I have been seeing myself.


  1. True friend talaga ang makakakita ng mga kahinaan ng isang kaibigan na hindi namamalayan kung anu man ung kahinaan n yun. At sasabihin sa isang magandang paraan para hindi ka masaktan (lalim…gulo)

  2. hi hanchy. was browsing fb after a busy week and bumped into some of your feeds, decided to browse your site again and I found this blog. So true. Keep shining dear. Buzz me when you’re here Malaysia.

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