I’m Back Pangasinan!

So, I woke up to a new place! (we left at 1 am an arrived at 5:30) and the bus was so cold

Well, I’ve been here before to speak about blogging


I’m actually here for the Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress

Co-creating the Digital Future of Pangasinan

El Puerto Marina Lingayen Pangasinan

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning..

and it’s lovely waking up to this…

You wouldn’t see well in the picture but in the horizon – is a beach!

A beach with swell waves!!! I hope it lasts!

I saw surfboards by the lobby!


I will still be working (workaholic) and eating and I heard you can surf here! I saw surfboards!!!

I left my rash guard but I’ll make do with what I’ve brought with me,

I’m so excited!



sleepy time!


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