Fashion Journalism Notes from SOFA

I just attended another blogging seminar recently but it’s mainly all about Fashion Journalism conducted by the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) and Fully Booked. ;Most of the things the lecturer spoke of, I already know by heart but since she works for print, I thought it would be nice to get a few pointers from the professionals. ;

True enough, her vision for us new breed of bloggers is to professionalize it. ;While this might be hard because the essence of blogging is all about freedom and being personal, I do get her point, and that is to make sure that we know that our blog is a form of “Service” to the public. ;You give information to online readers WORLDWIDE and with great power comes great responsibility.

I took a few notes but I don’t want to put everything here. ;I encourage you to attend this class and/or the Fashion ;Diploma or Certificate courses being offered by SOFA if you want to better your blogging/writing skills as a fashion blogger/editor.


Carla “Larca” Perlas, Fashion Journalism Teacher at SOFA


Notes on Fashion Journalism:

  • Grammar and Spell check

I am so guilty of this. ;I don’t check my grammar. ;There’s an auto spell check feature which is fine, but grammar check is a bit tricky. ;From now on, I will try to edit blog posts (at least once).

  • Be accountable and responsible for your blog posts

Sadly, this is one thing most bloggers tend to forget. ;You may rant all you want, but ranting gives your readers just a one-way view of things – your side. ;Ask all the journalists and they will say this is bad journalism. ;If you would want to rant, try to give two sides. ;Remember, a blogger is powerful enough to cause controversies, close a business down and condone someone of losing his/her job forever. ;Be responsible and know that your one move could cause irreversible consequences.

Those are the two main points I got out of the seminar, but there’s more to learn especially if you want to hone your skills as a writer. ;Separate yourself from other bloggers by becoming better in writing. ;

To add to this, content is key. ;You don’t want to write about someting you know nothing about like me for example writing about players rewards card. I would rather write about Formula 1 because I love the sport. ;Topics I would want write about are Travel, Sports, Lifestyle and lately I want to write more about Beauty and Fashion. ;That’s why I’m thinking of taking that certificate course from SOFA when it comes to Fashion Journalism so that I would know about the jargons being used in Fashion.

You can check out the programs and courses being offered by SOFA here.


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