Social Media Hiatus

I was one of the first few people who used and utilized Social Media in the Philippines. Back in the day, about 10/11 years ago, they don’t even know what to call us in every payroll/invoicing paperwork. Social Media Managers were not a thing and they did not exist at that time. Now, you’ll see a lot of demand for Social Media Managers, and even certification courses for this one.

Wow. We’ve come a long way in this industry.

I have a very weird resume. I started out as a CPA, a Financial Analyst, then as a Social Media Manager, an eCommerce Analyst, a Website Manager, Product Manager, a TV Show host, then the whole blogger/vlogger/streamer thing which will always be a part of me. Oh yeah, I am a certified Pole Dance instructor too!

You call me the jack of all trades. Why do I keep exploring? Because it is fun, and because I can. I don’t know what would have happened if I had a kid or a family in my early years. I probably wouldn’t be able to do all these things.

Some people admire my adventurous soul. But more people question it.

I’ve done a lot of reflection for myself these past few months and all I can say is, I woudln’t have traded all my experiences for anything else. It has been a wonderful journey and after all, we are all just living in a borrowed time in this world.

As for the title of this post. I just feel a lot of pressure from Social Media lately. I feel like my thoughts are getting clouded by other people’s opinions and I must succumb the urge to dive in to people’s expectations and just go back to the basics. My blog has been around for almost 11 years! It’s my blog’s anniversary on May 1! I still feel like this is the safest place where I can express myself.

I know most of my readers have now evolved into higher statuses in their careers, became parents, changed careers, some of my loyal readers have even passed on to another life 🙁

But I’m still here guys. I don’t know if I’m still inspiring people to pursue. I am probably not in any condition to do so right now, but I do hope you see that like everyone else, I have struggles and I’m doing all I can to overcome it.

People who will read this will probably those who are still subscribed on my feedburner. You will probably get a copy of this on your email. Most will unsubscribe at this point because they don’t think my posts are relevant to their lives anymore, but it’s okay 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. Will probably write more nonsense here. I call it freewriting.

‘Til the next one, laters!

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