How to buy COD Mobile Points with Grab Rewards

I know. Readers of my blog get confused all of the time as to the diverse topics I write here on my blog. What can I say? I really love exploring things and I have multiple hobbies and interests.

I have not written at all about this, but I manage an eSports Team called DPT. The story of its creation is another story. I’m just letting you know, I’m into gaming, streaming, and eSports. I have been doing this for two years already. When I had my surgery in 2016, I had to lay low on pole and physical activities. I got into eSports.

And you know me. When I am interested in something, I try to make it worthwhile and meaningful. So this intro is for all the readers who follow me because of my lifestyle posts.

Now that we are done with that, let’s get to the meat of this post.


Steps on converting Grab Rewards to COD Mobile coins

You’ll just have to make sure you earn grab rewards by using Grab Pay. I think it only works like that. I didn’t even notice, but just by reloading my Grab Wallet and using Grab Pay, I have accumulated enough points to get me 528 COD Mobile coins.

Step 1: Check your Grab Rewards points

You’ll see it everywhere on the homepage of your mobile app.


Step 2: Exchange your Grab Rewards for Garena Shells.

You will need 1350 Grab Rewards points to exchange it to 100 Garena Shells.


Step 3: Exchange Garena Shells to COD Mobile coins

Log-in to your Garena Account and exchange the Garena Shells you got to COD CP.

Go to and exchange your shells to COD Mobile CP.

Grab rewards to COD Mobile CP

It’s quite a hefty process but hey, at least you used your rewards and not just let them expire. My points almost expired had I not checked my Grab app.

There you go. You can use COD points to purchase the monthly battle passes and buy skins and loot crates. Enjoy!

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