A jolt of inspiration on a tiring day

I’ve never felt so tired in my time here at work. I just had a very unpredictable workload today causing me to overtime, which is abnormal for me. I’m a very efficient employee and my employer should be glad about that. I was never late in the morning and I get my job done without OT. I am so eager to learn many things and I’m the kind of person who thinks that reward and recognition equals more opportunities, more involvement with the team and much bigger responsibilities. Oops, I think I’m a workaholic now.

I enrolled for this training we have in our company. It was about our acronyms and stuff. Ok, I think I don’t need to attend this because I think I generally know the basics. I attended this training for a much more meaningful reason. The trainor is a really cute Aussie. He invited me to join them in an earlier session but I just said that I will join him next time. Oops, my being a boy crazy in high school is back!

We had a challenge quiz and as a show-off that I am, I nailed the quiz and got a prize! I’d do anything for attention.

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