Akatsubaki Cosplay of Infinite Stratos by Sheila Navarro Cosplay Mania 2012

We interviewed Sheila a few years back for Tek Tok TV.  It was our cosplay episode.

We are so proud of how she’s grown BIGGER literally and figurativey speaking.  She’s been doing better and better over the years and we just want to CONGRATULATE her for a job well done and to encourage her keep on creating these costumes that will amaze us!

For Cosplay Mania 2012, cosplayer Sheila Navarro WOWed the crowed by wearing a Mecha suit she made all by herself of Akatsubaki (Infinite Stratos).

It is 8 feet tall and a total of 35 kilos.  It is made mainly of rubber sheets.

To understand better Sheila’s process of making this costume, I had a quick interview with her:

1.  How long did it take you to make the costume?

Sheila: It took me 5 months to construct the whole costume since I need to concentrate on the elevation of my legs and the accuracy of the whole costume itself.

2.  What’s the hardest part in making the costume?

 Sheila: For me, the hardest part is constructing the legs. I want it to be as accurate as possible just like in the anime so I made the elevation 24inches in height. When I finished the leg part, it has a total weight of 8 kilos each leg. It was impossible to walk with that kind of elevation and weight so I invented a mechanism that will lessen the weight of the legs. From 8 kilos, I just need to carry around 2 kilos in each leg that’s why I didn’t have a hard time walking around with those enormous leg armors.

FlairCandy: WOW AMAZING! You are indeed an inventor!  You didn’t only make a costume to appear as a costume, but something you can also walk around with!

3.  How did you transport your costume?

I constructed a large trolley box wherein I can place all of my costume inside. It is around 4ftx5ftx5ft in size. I asked my father to help me carry the box in his pick up and we use the rope for support to prevent the box from falling over the road.

4.  What’s next?

Since I finished cosplaying one of my dream cosplays, I’m planning on becoming a mecha cosplayer and construct more mecha costumes. One of my cosplay plan is the Psycho Gundam. And after my Akatsubaki and Psycho gundam, I’ll surprise you again with my another costume.

FlairCandy: Looking forward to more of your cosplays Sheila! You are one great talent indeed! Keep it up! and keep inspiring people to be creative and inventive!


Good job Sheila! We’re proud of you!

Watch Sheila’s interview on Tek Tok TV:


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  1. Pingback: Jenn
  2. Very impressive! I like that she built it herself instead of asking someone else to do it. Really very amused with cosplayers. It takes guts to do this!

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