Alden Richards Endorses Snowcaps Glutathione

Alden Richards is indeed a big name in the Philippines today. If you don’t know yet, he is the “Al” of the Aldub phenomenon. It’s a great year for him as he becomes Philippines’ Pambansang Bae! 


I was happy to be one of the guests of the Winter Christmas-themed launch of the oral glutathione brand Snowcaps, Alden’s most recent product endorsement. 

The highlight of the launch is Alden Richard’s road to success, that in the beginning it was just like a Cinderella story. Alden had to work hard and be patient before this big moment came to him. 

 Now, he has the heart of the Filipinos with an upcoming movie and a hit single “Wish I May.” His story of determination and success made him the perfect embodiment of Snowcaps.

Snowcaps Glutathione

Snowcaps is the first oral glutathione in the Philippines and is among the leading skin whitening supplements in the market today. A brand that managed to gether and sustain a strong following through word of mouth, Snowcaps today rises to the occasion and is ready to play alongside the bigwigs – by  partnering with one of the hottest stars in Philippine showbiz today.

I want to share more about Snowcaps because I too am an advocate of a healthy and fit life. Snowcaps contains the premium, FDA-approved 500mg of L-Glutathione formulation, also known as the miracle enzyme, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C for safe and effective whitening in as fast as six weeks.

It also contains 50% more glutathione than  more expensive brands.

Glutathione is also a compound naturally produced by the liver and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants which inhibit the production of toxins and free radicals caused by stress and other qexternal lifestyle factors -perfect for busy individuals like Alden (and me), who not only want to maintain a luminous and fair skin, but also a sound and healthy body.

I personally have been taking Snowcaps Glutatione for a month now and I have noticed a great improvement in my skin tone. Mind you, I am not even after the whitening effect, but rather more of the glow and healthy feeling of the skin as I take it daily. Plus, it has Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamin C, which I used to take on the side before, but it is also included in Snowcaps Glutathione so these capsules are quite perfect for me.

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Text Hotline: 0928-665-2646
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