Bet You Can’t Beat Coach Rio

Bonifacio Global City

It’s a place close to my heart.  For one, I work around the area since the time they were developing it.  There were only quite a few buildings at that time and a limited number of restaurants we can dine for lunch.  Now, it is a throbbing city full of life with busy workpeople during the day and party-goers, skateboarders, dog walkers and runners at night.

I used to run here every night when I wasn’t busy yet.  It’s a perfect place to get inspired to get fit!


You know who my inspiration is when it comes to running?  Oh, he’s very popular… You know him as COACH RIO…




Check this out guys


ASTIG!!! Coach Rio vs Plane





And so I was walking along BGC one night because I was headed to the parking lot.  I noticed this sign.



#BeatCoachRio? You’ve gottstabekiddin’ me!

But oh well, there’s no harm in trying right?


This event was presented by Safeguard promoting good hygiene in Sports!


for a 20 meter sprint, coach Rio’s record was 2.3 seconds!

Can you beat that?



I walked around and saw people warming up and stretching!


I was like “I didn’t get the memo! I was wearing my wedge sandals – eek!”


So I headed to the registration area.  I wanted to register and try to beat coach Rio’s time (like I could) but I wasn’t dressed for it, wasn’t wearing shoes the very least Sad smile


I think these guys came in a group.  Obviously, they are wearing uniform shirt.


The runners would run alongside this long LCD screen where a running virtual “coach Rio” can be seen.

This picture is a blurry one!  That’s just how fast these people go.

On the average, the time the runners had were 2.8 – 5 seconds.


As compared to coach Rio’s time of 2.3 seconds! That guy’s insane!



And contestant #29 is special because he’s like coach Rio’s doppelganger.

The host momentarily mistook him as coach Rio!


Did he beat coach Rio’s time?

Unfortunately not, but I remember he had a good record at 2.8 seconds!


More runners attempt to #BeatCoachRio


I spotted Coach Rio by the side.  It was raining!  Good thing I brought an umbrella with me.

And the picture is blurry! Sorry I got so excited I forgot to turn the flash on!


My Running Hygiene




I am personally very particular in maintain good personal hygiene in sports especially even after running.  Even on a normal day where we bask on tropical weather and we expose ourselves to polluted air as we commute around the Metro is one big reason enough to pay attention to our own hygiene.



I believe that personal hygiene is the first step to good health.

Although our skin is the first layer of combat against pollutants, toxins and bacteria – we cannot abuse it that much! 

It’s a habit of mine do rinse or shower before doing any form of exercise (running, pole dancing, yoga, gym).  I don’t know, it’s just a bit weird for some but I personally want to be clean before invoking sweat on my body because I feel like it will breed bacteria more when I sweat.  So I want to rinse off any existing  unwanted microorganisms in my body before sweating! YIKES!



Plus, ODOR is caused by very naughty bacteria!  They are the main culprit to that pungent smell and it is such a total turn off when I run around and I bump into my crush and they smell funky.  I don’t want to smell funky either!


Because of the humid weather, I take a bath every day.  Then I take a bath after I work out.

UNLESS I want to repel people…



Safeguard Active Bar

It’s actually cool that Safeguard hosted this event.  Not only do they promote sports, they also provide a very convenient product to aid us in our hygiene needs!

Safeguard Active has a 12-Hour Shield and how this is able to provide what one needs when in an active lifestyle.

You should try it for yourself  Smile



Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene – nine-tenths of it!

– Henry Miller

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