Globe Blackberry Playbook Plans

Globe just recently launched their latest Blackberry Playbook plans for their subscribers. Pre-ording is over but you can now get the Playbook with blackberry at the rates below:

Check here for details.

Globe launched this together with Blackberry just a couple of days ago and they raffled off a few units of Blackberry Playbook.

I didn’t win one through raffle because I’m horribly unlucky when it comes to those things… But I believe that we make our own luck and I even wrote a parable for it… and so I joined the BEER drinking contest!  Actually, thanks to Glenn, Winston, Coy, Jonel and Aaron for “forcing” me to join.  Good thing I was already done taking my antibiotics @_@

I am not good with beer, but I had to chug it like water because I can feel the force of the Blackberry Playbook calling me!

And so the night ended with me holding on to this:

*thank you Winston for this photo 🙂

Despite the many critique against the Playbook, I’d still defend it simply because its benefits for outweigh its limitations on my end.

The biggest turn-ons for me:

  • fits into my purse without hurting my back
  • The best web-browsing experience ever for any tablet! It can play flash and renders web pages like I’m using my PC’s browser
  • renders well – therefore I can edit my blog posts.  I couldn’t do this with my iPad 🙁
  • multi-tasking is a breeze!  That ables me to manage some social media I handle by running the browser and some excel sheets at the same time

The only limitation it has is that it has only a few apps.  Blackberry Playbook representatives responded by pointing out that they are more keen on having “quality” apps rather having a lot with below average quality.

Globe Blackberry Playbook launch

If you are into games, you might have to wait for the Android app support for Playbook.

But, if you’re like me who needs a portable device for work and blogging then this tool is for you.  It has some cool games too like the pre-installed Need For Speed game by EA Games.

I was thinking, I need to do more video blogs and that I will do for my unboxing of the Blackberry Playbook.  🙂  I will also tell you how my experience with the Playbook went so far.

‘Til next time,


Click here if you are a Smart subscriber.

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