Christmas Shopping Tips – Saving Money, Time and Effort

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! It’s such a jolly season and everyone is just hyped up for the festivities that’s about to happen. Unfortunately, along with fun and laughter comes a few holiday pains that are already very familiar to you. Traffic. Congested malls. Budget concerns. Yearly reports.

Saving money, time and effort has been a major concern for holiday shoppers. Through all these years, I have already learned a few things and I’d like to share with you ways that I enjoy my holidays stress-free.

Christmas shopping

Tip #1 – Make a list

Effective gift-givers make lists! Santa makes lists! Getting organized is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress. You can either make your own, or print existing templates if you’re lazy.

Tip #2 Shop Early

Shopping early gives you time to canvass and plan your budget. Do this when you’re already at the mall doing chores or waiting to be fetched. Don’t spend too much time shopping when you can do other things. You may not realize it, but you might have spent way too much time because you’re thinking you have lots of time left before Christmas comes.

Tip #3 Shop Late

If shopping early isn’t for you and if it’s already too late, shop late! Although I warn you, you must spend one day to do all your shopping! Stay in one area where you can find almost everything that you need to buy and avoid travel time.

Tip #4 Shop Online

This is my favorite shopping tip! Technology has enabled us to shop right through our fingertips! You can even buy groceries online so you don’t have to go to the grocery store and spend so much time on queue to pay for your goods, or drive through traffic, or awkwardly carrying your groceries and Christmas items to your house.

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Check out my VLOG below featuring a quick interview with Macy Castillo, Commercial Business Head of, giving us a few Christmas shopping tips and insights on gift-buying online. Skip to 2:13 if you want to view the interview immediately!

You can also check out for more Christmas shopping tips and gift guides.

Tip #5 Shop after December 25

I’m talking about buying gifts for yourself. Shops usually offer discounts at this time. Either way, spend your money wisely and grab opportunities to save time, money and effort.

You know what they say, “The more you shop, the more you save” wink

I hope you liked my Christmas shopping tips compilation and feel free to add to this list by commenting below. What has worked for you? I am very interested in the tips that you would give as well!

Until the next post!


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