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History of Christmas Trees

Even before Christianity or before Christ was born, people have been using evergreen trees to celebrate the winter season. There are plants and trees that remained green all year, called evergreen trees. These trees had a special meaning during winter and people would usually decorate their houses with a lush color of green. People during those times think that putting green branches in their homes would drive away evil spirits and unpleasant energies.


Germany is where the first printed reference of Christmas Trees first appeared. In Medieval Germany, Christmas Trees are viewed as pagan practice, until a stylish and popular British Queen, Queen Victoria made it into a popular tradition.

Beauty and Style has indeed shaped the world that we live in today.


First Artificial Christmas Trees

First Artificial Christmas Trees were made of Goose feathers. They started this in Germany and dyed them green which is then attached to wire branches.


First Lady’s Responsibility
The task of decorating the presidential Christmas tree is given to the First Lady


2 kinds of Artificial Christmas trees

There are 2 kinds of Artificial Christmas Trees that are categorised according to how the branches and leaves are made. Christmas tress look the same from afar, especially when it is highly decorated. But look closely and you will notice where the difference lies.

a) Classic Needle – The first one, is usually called “classic needle”
These are made using Polyvinyl Chloride or (PVC). It’s a certain kind of plastic that is manufactured into flat-looking pine needles that you see on Christmas Trees. The first artificial christmas trees were made this way.

Technology has advanced and this brought a new breed of Artificial Christmas Trees

b) Realistic Needle – There are many names to this second category but to keep it short and simple, these are the needles that are made using Polyethylene or (PE). Instead of looking flat and 2-dimentional, PE needles give a realistic look on the pine needles that look like real leaves.

Most Christmas trees are a combination of both. The more PE is used, the more expensive the Christmas Tree, the more realistic looking it is.


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