Top International Movies to Watch on CinemaWorld This December

I just love movies!  Lately, I’ve opened my horizon to watching international films that are worth watching.  It’s very interesting to see the differences in humor, love, art etc on different cultures and what better way to experience it than to watch the movies they present.

If you don’t know about CinemaWorld yet, it is an international channel that offers mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and different.  Different from the usual movies we see locally, in the US and UK.  We get to see a whole lot more.  It provides movie lovers a variety of titles which they cannot find anywhere else.  All movies on CinemaWorld are shown in their original language with English subtitiles.

Did I mention that I’m currently studying French?

Well, it is great practice to watch a French movie in CinemaWorld, trust me!

For this December, it would be very exciting as they prepared remarkable movies highlighting stories of people from different walks of life, perfect to enjoy this holiday season.



Luisa, a mobile phone company executive feels invisible at the age of 44.  She lives alone, having been left by her husband, while her daughter studies away from home.  During an evening office party, her colleague Jorge, who is of the same age as her and whose partner for the evening is a young company phone salesgirl named Marina, ignores her.  Indignant, Luisa turns to an actress and to her table tennis coach to help her become “visible” and seduce Jorge.  

*I bet a lot of ladies can relate to this!  Even I sometimes feel invisible to my “crush” -eek!

Catch An Invisible Woman, as Maria Bouzas shows off how she won the Mestre Mateo Award for Best Actress as the titular character.



Robert Hansen and Sofie Lassen-Kahkle star in this Danish romantic comedy of not-quite-requited love. Three months after breaking up with her highschool boyfriend Viktor, Anja discovers that she loves him after all. The movie is a hilarious race against time as Anja tries to win Viktor back before he marries someone else. Produced by the famed Regner Grasten, it became so popular that it spawned two sequels, “Anja & Viktor – Flaming Love” (2007) and “Anja & Viktor – The Ups And Downs” (2008).



Behrouz, a 12-year old boy, who was raised in a poor family, dreams of having his own bike. He finds out that each player in the champion football team in a provincial tournament is awarded a bike, so he tries hard to secure a place in his school team. However, he knows nothing about football! Directed by Abbas Moranian, Iranian film director, Behrouz Hit Me, Mom! won Audience Award, Best Film, Best Child Actor and Best Director Diploma at the Hamedan Children Film Festival in 2010.



Piero, an openly homosexual gay rights activist, runs as the more progressive candidate in the mayoral election of Udine, Italy. At the other end stands the bigoted right-wing candidate, who builds physical walls around his community to keep foreigners and drug dealers confined to their various neighborhoods, and his candidate for vice-mayor, pro-family values champion, Adele. In an odd twist of events, Piero temporarily sets his political loyalties and gender preference aside and sleeps with the gorgeous Adele, betraying his male partner, Remo in the process. Actor Luca Argentero was nominated for Best Actor Award at the Ente David di Donatello (the Italian Academy Awards) playing Piero Bonutti in this 2010 Italian Comedy Different From Whom?.



With the war in Iraq intensifying, a prominent radio journalist and his technician pretend to report live from Baghdad, after losing their plane tickets and money in this Adventure Comedy, starring Gerard Lanvin and Gerard Jugnot. As the duo hide out in the Barbes area of Paris, in an attempt to pull off the ultimate scam, the listeners tune in awaiting the latest word from the front lines of the war. Special Correspondents was produced in France and directed by Frederic Auburtin of French Romantic Comedy Paris, Je T’aime.




The Best Things In The World is poignant portrait of teen life through the journey of 15-year-old Mano, whose world is turned upside down because his parents are divorcing and his love interest is infatuated with someone else. He and his sensitive older brother Pedro are deeply affected by the knowledge that their father, Horacio, is gay, and that he is leaving their mother, Camila, for Gustavo – and that is not even counting the love triangle where he, his love interest Carol, and his rival Artur figure in. Starring Caio Biat as Artur, whose role won him the 2012 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for Best Supporting Actor, The Best Things In The World, a 2012 Brazilian movie that talks about family, is one move to watch out for.


Celebrate the holidays with award-winning movies from CinemaWorld on Cable Link and through the a la carte subscription or HD Movie Package of SkyCable.


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