Color Your Life! A Guide to Eating Healthy

Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Blue and Purple.

Do you even notice the color of the food  you eat?  I’m talking about the natural colors of fruits and vegetables and not the artificial coloring you get from certain foods.

Do you believe in the saying “You are what you eat?” Well, I do!


I just discovered this really cool guide to eating right!

Nutrilite made a chart on the different vegetable and fruit groups according to color and discussed the benefits of each group here.

Are you living in full color? Take the quiz now!

As much as we want to fulfill the chart every day so that we get all the nutrients our body needs, sometimes we just couldn’t fill in all the boxes.  “Oooh, I haven’t eaten ‘white’ yet, where can I get garlic?”  I’m just saying, it is important to eat different kinds of vegetables and fruits but it could be hard monitoring every single color group you are eating.  Good luck to me when I’m at work where my food choices are very limited.

This is where supplements come in.  Their role is to bridge the missing gap to your daily nutrition.  This is actually the secret of Enchong Dee! He takes Nutrilite supplements that are rich in phytonutrients or plant nutrients!  These supplements can help bridge the gap between the servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs and the servings per day you actually consume. There is also energy booster supplement that you can get at sites online as that are also useful to complement food nutrients and keep you going way more time.

In fact, Enchong Dee is one person the young folks look up to.  I’m older than him but I still look up to him.  Kudos to a very talented young man who does sports, creative lifestyle in acting and living his life in full color!

Check out this new video of him and you will see how vibrant his life is, living a colorful life!

Enchong Dee singing Bluer than Blue 


Enchong Dee Knocks You Out 


For more information about Nutrilite supplements, check out the following:

Nutrilite Official

Nutrilite’s Fun Facebook

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*This post is sponsored by Nutrilite, COLORurLIFE.

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