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One of the biggest, most obvious physical change in my body when I was transitioning from being a teeny bopper to a lady is my chest.  It changed my life!  On fifth grade, I had my first sign of transition – menstruation!   I think I was the first among my classmates that had one and because of that, I had a bump on my chest earlier than the rest of them.  I thought it wasn’t normal and I slouched forever trying to hide it.  It affected my confidence too because I remember being teased a lot about it.  It was so noticeable I struggled to hide it from all people!

I know I’m not alone in this dilemma.  Many girls out there in their “developing” teen stages are too shy out to ask even their parents to help them determine their bra size.  I doubt if even the parents know how to do this.  I know my mom doesn’t (no offense mom if you’re reading Smile with tongue out).  Anyway, I ended up wearing the wrong size of bra for many years.


Here are signs you’re wearing the wrong bra:

1. Back of the bra rides up
2. Centre lifts away from the breastbone (means cup is too small)
3. Sagging breasts
4. Straps dig into shoulders
5. Band pinches in at sides
6. Discomfort
7. Breast spillage (when breasts push up, over cups)
8. Uni-boob (when breasts are squished in so tight that two appear as one)

If you wear the wrong size bra, it can affect your shape, posture, health and comfort.  Finding the right size on the other hand will give you more confidence, improve your shape and posture, you’ll feel good and less tired.

Loving Wacoal

I discovered Wacoal when it was recommended to me by my aunt a few years ago.  I think it’s in our family’s genes to have a gifted chest.  My main problem was: (1) I have a bigger bust size but (2) I am very petite.  It was so hard for me to find the right support and the perfect fit.  It took me years to finally find something that complements my natural figure, supports my body for easy and comfortable movement and  maintain my body’s ideal proportion and silhouette.  More importantly, it gave me the confidence to stand up straight and not slouch and sulk like the world hates me.

Wacoal has a comprehensive set of bra collection that is designed to address women’s bra problems.  They also have a shape collection of long bras and girdles that are essential tools to create the ideal silhouette.  Wearing these will instantly improve your body’s proportion and appearance.  If all of a sudden, you have a High School reunion and you want to be in shape but don’t have the time to starve yourself or stuff like that, then you can try getting one of these from their shape collection.


Speaking of Bra and Confidence

I just had 2 new sets of underwear from Wacoal and I thought it would be fun to have a mini-shoot wearing underwear that makes me feel good and confident, inside and out.  I know people don’t see what underwear you’re wearing, but your body doesn’t lie and if you’re wearing an uncomfortable bra, it will show.

I shot using my Nikon D40 and kit lens.  That’s it.  Thanks to Vince for taking my photos and to BlueWater Day spa for letting me use their studio for a quick shoot!

Wacoal 03

Wacoal 06

Wacoal 07

Wacoal Philippines
Sorci Age

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  2. Nothing like the perfect bra to accentuate a womans best assets. Like two perfect garlic cloves on a deliciously soft bed of bread. Crazy cool!

  3. I often wished that I had the kind of breast that others have, not because I wanted to look sexy or anything like that, I am way past that stage I believe. I wasn’t pinning for those voluptous nor perky ones, just normal sized ones. You see, one of my breasts is smaller than my other one because of my dextroscoiliosis, it is also because of this condition that I had to be very careful in choosing the kind of bra that I would use. My cousin gifted me with a wacoal bra recently and I am loving it for the utter comfort that it gives my shoulder, breast and back. I definitely love Wacoal. =)

  4. Wow! Thanks for this, Hannah. 🙂 I never realized that I have been wearing bras smaller than my size all along! Had it not been for your “SIGNS”, I will keep on wearing bras which are uncomfy to wear, hence, making me feel irritable and moody most of the time. I haven’t given Wacoal a try though but because of this blog, I’ll check out their store one of these days! 😛 I’ve also been hearing good reviews about their girdles as they give the perfect body contour most especially when wearing body-hugging dresses. My mom always tells me off whenever I buy relatively pricey undies, good thing I found someone just like who finds pretty, pricey, sexy undies worth every penny. And yes, I exude a lot more confidence when I’m wearing them, probably that’s a riddle not any of us can answer. 😛

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