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Sometimes I have thoughts I want to put in writing and this is one of them.  I’m a bit sick as of the moment and can’t get out of bed… But I can still hold my phone and blog. Yaye!

Anyway, I just realized something.  People are dependent on each other, no man is an island.  But one thing I always try to pursue is to be independent of all my needs from other people.  Meaning, to stand alone… Have buffers, plan A and plan Bs… Not needing help as much as possible.  Nobody can achieve that state, definitely… But as much as I can, I try to be.

One thing I can’t stand though is being disconnected from people.  Talking to myself! It’s one horrible lonely feeling. 

So yeah, I may not need a lot of help from people, but I do need that connection…

I’m a very lonely person and I think without Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Tumblr etc, I’d be sitting in front of a psychiatrist now.  Social Media makes me alive, keeps me from being lonely, connects me to people… To friends far away.  To meet interesting people on the web and so much more!  Maybe that’s why they call me the Social Media princess… It’s not only me, I think everyone needs to connect…

So to all networks, telcos and mobile companies out there who compete for subscribers and users – this is what I say… People need to connect.  The more effecient and effective it is, the better.

Get creative.


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