Cruising is More Fun with Segway!

Over the week, I went to Rockwell mall to test Segway one more time.


Testing Segway at Powerplant Mall Rockwell


My first time using this amazing machine was back in Singapore.  It was very cool cruising around Singapore’s famous resort attractions with this very light and easy to use gadget / machine / automobile?  Sometimes I don’t know how to call or categorize this cool tool! 




I made my research of course and it is called the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT), the world’s first and only electric, two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device which was first introduced to the public on “Good Morning America in 2002”, and is now available in the Philippines. Unlike a car, the Segway PT has two wheels. However, it does not carry the same risk as rollerblading or skateboarding through the streets.


How Segway works

Segway stays upright by itself, and movement is totally controlled by the rider by leaning slightly forward or backward, and leaning on the Lean Steer frame to turn left or right. You get the sense of power and speed, yet feel a sense of safety and absolute control. It all feels natural, safe, and instinctive.


Segway’s power

Surprisingly, it can go uphill up to 35 degrees, can withstand up to 1-2 inches of water and can go on any terrain!  I can attest to this because I tested Segway in a rocky terrain in Singapore and in a rainy weather here in the Philippines! 



Who it is for

Segway is ideal for people who love outdoor adventures, or city-living individuals who live in big subdivisions or work in big companies who need to go easily in and out, from one building to another.  I can see this being used in schools too like Ateneo, UP and DLSU.  It is also perfect for business owners of resorts and tour businesses as well as establishments who need patrolling or fast response to emergencies.


Convenience, Environmental and Economic Benefits

Less gas to buy – you don’t have to use your car all the time to buy 3 blocks away from that convenient store.  You can also take it to places without much noise and pollution.  It is also very economical because Segway can travel as far as 40km on a single battery charge.  A full charge is only 1 kilowatt which costs only a little aboe P8 and takes around 6 hours to complete.

Less pollution, more savings, better lungs Smile with tongue out sweet deal!


Celebrities Trying Segway

(photos from Segway Philippines Facebook         )

Maja Salvador


Melissa Ricks


Helga Krapf


and more Smile



Contact Segway Philippines                                                                                         



You can also contact Simply Moving Philippines at Nissan Motor Philippines, 1232 UN Avenue, Paco, Metro Manila.

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