Day 4: Dumaguete City

June 3, 2008

We all felt that our time was cut short. This is the day we?re going back to Manila. Sadly, we packed our things so that we could leave by 12 noon. Despite the harsh sun, I managed to walk outside and get some last-minute shots.

I saw these kids playing around and swinging from the tree to have a freefall by the sea. It took me a while to capture the kid on air. It took patience?

A slant coconut tree nearby.

Zoe?s garden.

I thought I might have a heatstroke because the heat is intense so I went inside and ate this Fried Ice Cream. It?s really delicious! I wonder where I could buy something like this in Manila.

Then, we had lunch here. Their sylvannas and sans rival are really delicious, plus, it?s cheap!

This is the view outside the restaurant. It?s like Manila?s Baywalk.

I captured the sunset while the plane is preparing for its landing in NAIA Airport.

More Day 4 pictures and my Multiply album.

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  1. Hei Hannah, this is Kai from Plurk. Hehe. You went here to Dumaguete na pala. Hope you could come back soon. I’d be glad to be your tour guide and prolly bring you to places that you haven’t been to. =)

  2. Sure thing. 😀 Yup, I’m from Dumaguete City talaga but I go to Manila once in a while since most of my Mom’s side of the family are still there. Hei, did you know I was sitting in front of you during WCP08. Haha. It just came to me now. 😀

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