Dear Dad

I wish you never smoked.  You never would have had lung cancer and you would still be here with me now.


I  never would have had weak lungs Sad smile


Since I was a kid, my lungs have always been my problem.  I’m writing this letter now because I can’t sleep at 3am, coughing my dry lungs out Sad smile

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  1. Several people who are very close to me are smokers, and it is very difficult. On one hand I don’t like nagging or forcing people to do things, but on the other hand I know this is a dangerous habit. Everytime I try to tactfully give advice, I get a lot of irritation and even anger. Ang hirap.

  2. Sad 😐
    My brother has asthma but when my parents knew about it, my dad stopped smoking. I wish your dad till stop too, its bad not only for his health but also to the people around him, especially you, his family.

  3. good thing i’ve quit the habit for over 3 years now. the best thing about it is, i have no cravings whatsoever for it. just imagining putting tar (the culprit behind a smoker’s heavy breathing), nicotine (responsible for the smoker’s cravings/addiction), an army of deadly industrial chemicals in one stick (formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, etc…) and above all, Carbon Monoxide (that incomplete combustion gas which is responsible for the mutagenic cancers – most especially lung cancer). i’m so glad to have quit the vice early on (i used to be a smoker for over seven years since i was in 16. i was 23 when i quit.)

  4. it’s more dangerous to non smokers (2nd hand smoke) because they are inhaling unfiltered smoke unlike to those who smoke who has the “filter” from the cigarette,

  5. my dad used to smoke for more than 20 years, i think even before i was born. he consumes 10 to 15 sticks per day, then one day when i was in my 4th year high school, he suddenly stopped smoking. he replaced his urge for smoking by eating candies instead,

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