Eat Well – The Fort

O hai!

It’s been a while since I have written a food post.  For this specific post, I’ll free write.  So to all you police grammars out there… Have fun!!!

Eat Well has been one of my favorite restaurants.  Back when I was still in Deutsche Bank at Net Quad, I would go here for lunch.  Sometimes, I’d go there alone if I feel like eating there.  Sometimes, I specifically crave for the Fried Cuttlefish.  La-la-la-love it!

But not all people are as enthusiastic about the cuttlefish as I am.  Last April 8, I brought Vince here with me.  I have been having this craving for  a while and I told him that this is absolutely something that he must try.

He didn’t like it as much as I did.  But I was one happy monkey as I satisfied my craving.

Since he did not enjoy his food much, I ordered him Masachi.

It’s like Mochi balls from Japan.  The only difference is that Mochi balls are served cold, Masachi balls are served hot!

What’s inside the Masachi balls are just pure heaven!  The outer crust of the Masachi balls are made of sticky rice flour.  Inside the ball is melted white chocolate!

OOOOoooohhh… nomnomnomzzz!!!

I’m craving as I type 😛

Anyway.  Vince since didn’t like the cuttlefish, there’s a possibility that you won’t.  But, there are other viands you can choose from.  You should try their set of soups!  It only costs around 60 – 80 pesos I think and it is superb!

You can also try their rice toppings – pork asado rice is my favorite.  This rice meal reminds me of Hong Kong.  The taste is close to the ones in Hong Kong.  Their roasted duck and crispy pork rice toppings are also nice so don’t miss out on that.

I am, once again, craving as I type… I am one little piggy T___T

I also love their Birthday Noodles 🙂 It is perfect for a group as it is served for many.  You can share it with 4 to 8 people.

Try their spare ribs and sweet n’ sour pork/fish too :)  Like I said, it is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants 🙂

One time, I spotted Imelda Marcos, with her entourage, dining in this place.  She wore a long, glittery black gown.  I was star struck!  She looked very intimidating and tall!

It won’t be long till I come back to this place again.  Maybe, I’ll see you there!

Maybe 🙂

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  1. waaah same as mochi pero served hot? sounds yummers! tapos with white chocolate pa? *curious mode* hihi! 😛

    lol to those police grammars hahaha! yaan mo na sya! 🙂

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