I think I have ESP

ESP or extrasensory perception is perception occurring independently of sight, hearing, or other sensory processes. People who have extrasensory perception are said to be psychic. It is commonly called ESP, a term popularized by J. B. Rhine, who began investigating the phenomenon at Duke University in 1927. ESP refers to telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and in recent years, remote viewing and clairaudience. The existence of ESP and other paranormal powers such as telekinesis, are disputed, though systematic experimental research on these subjects, known collectively as psi, has been ongoing for over a century in parapsychology.

I think I have precognition. Blah this is not an April Fools day post ok It’s just that there were some things that happened that made me think I have one… I’m skeptical about it though, but many times I have experienced this and I tried to ignore it!  I just say “It’s just a coincidence.” But it happens most of the time and the occurrence is getting more often.

Sometimes, someone would just appear in my mind all of a sudden then it’s either I see him/her in actual person or I receive a text message or call.  Most of the time I have my phone lying around and I am busy and so engrossed tinkering with my computer or watching TV or DVD, then all of a sudden I panic thinking “whoah where’s my cellphone someone might text me” a second or 2 later it rings / alerts me of a new message.

Another thing that always really happens to me, like I thought at first this is always a coincidence but it just really is happenning too often for my skepticism to this idea melt, is when I say I am in a car driving while listening to music.  Suddenly I just feel like looking to the right and I see a billboard with the word “vacation” then synchronized with the lyrics of the song (or sometimes what the dj says) is also the word “vacation.”

What made me fizz this morning in my office was when I was thinking of updating my CPE (Continuous Professional Education – something like that) credits for my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license.  Which is a very rare thought because I was so busy tinkering on my computer then all of a sudden this thought (that I don’t think about much probably it’s the first time even that I thought about my CPE for the year) just passed by my mind.  About 30 minutes after, my boss asked me “BTW, have you checked on HR if your trainings are accredited to your CPE?”  @_@  I was like, whoah I just thought about that 30 mins ago.  And this incident so far is the longest time gap from the “precog” to the event happening itself.

Unlike Phoebe in charmed, she knows when she’s having a precog and the precog is not a sudden thing and it happens around sometime in the near future and not after 2 seconds or just 30 minutes.  My “precogs” however, if you must name it that, is just a sudden thing like it happens after 2-10 seconds usually and the longest was 30 minutes.

Yes, coincidence it may be and I don’t really put in mind that I have ESP because it’s ridunculous.  I mean I’m not saying I don’t believe it exists or it happens I’m just skeptical about me being one of those people having that.  I don’t really know about science and physics and how the brain works but technically I think that ESP stuffs have a little bit of scientific basis also other than the “paranormal” description it has.  I think in humans we call it “ESP” what we call in animals “animal instinct / intuition”.  Animals (I don’t know if scientifically proven) know if an earthquake or a calamity is coming… Right?

And so I plurked this morning saying “I think I have ESP.”  Then I have a friend who is a mentalist saying “We can test it, flaircandy. I have certain procedures I use to test for psychics.”

Then I found it interesting that you could actually test yourself if you have some ESP going on…

…and knowing that almost everything is interned, I googled “Test if you have ESP“…

I clicked on the first search result it said “More than 1 out of 6 tries would indicate possible ESP usage.”  I was supposed to guess (if this is the proper term) the shape of the card that the computer picked.

At first I scored 1 out of 6.  XD  This was because I was just randomly putting the mouse anywhere.  I was really just “guessing”.

I scored 2 out of 6 on my second attempt.  I scored wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, right, right.  Among the “wrongs” i was still “guessing”.  on the last two consecutive “rights”  I made an effort to “see” what the card the computer picked.  I know he instructions said “Trust your vision.  Trust your intuition.  Try  not to let anything distract or influence you.” , but I think that does not work for me because I can only anticipate the super-near future if I use my other senses.

On my final two attempt (deep inside I did not want to fail the test because I thought it would be somehow cool to have this), I closed my eyes randomly pointed it at somewhere and my eyes automatically focused into one object.  I saw the shape (shape that I don’t notice before that I have in my room), a “hallow circle” or just an outline of the circle in my bedsheet.  Then I clicked on the option on the computer “outline circle” then I got the right answer.  I did the same thing on the next shape and physically saw Compaq’s logo that looks like a square and then there you go… correct!

Focusing was kinda tiring for my brain lol.  but I said I want to try another test.  And so, I clicked on the second search result of google.   I took the test and got this result:

Total Points 21 to 30
You have some psychic abilities working for you, but, it is scattered. Maybe you should work on this potential and fully develop your precognition abilities. You can then go beyond the simple manifestations you may be currently experiencing like: Thinking of someone just before they call … or sensing danger just before danger appears … or getting impressions of people (good or bad) only to find out later how right you are … and you only had a few moments to get such an impression. By working to develop your psychic sense, you will get even deeper impressions and more accurate readings.

Then it kinda creeped me out because that is so true to me… All of the things there.  And I remember how I almost always say to the people I am close with that I have this certain kind of intuition that I know who to trust and it just never fails me (well not yet) .   And didn’t I just mention above about the call thingy, yes that happens often.  But probably, if I indeed have ESP, it is weak!  Because this has been with me for quite some time but I really don’t believe in the possible fact that I have precog.  So probably it just gets weaker.

Now that I have sort of acknowledged the possibility (possibility only) that I may indeed have this then… we’ll see XD

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  2. having ESPN… err, I mean ESP is really cool. but are you sure those are not just “voices” in your head hehe… peace

    next time where in the same event, I will sit next to you and ask you to “suggest” my name (or raffle number) to be drawn 😉

    seriously, if you want to explore this, you might want to search for mr. jaime limcauco, he’s an author of many books on paranormal activities.

  3. hindi ako marunong mag taya haha… and like I said, I don’t think I can predict the future that happens over a day… I usually think of things before it happens in seconds or minutes. Siguro pag na develop pwede haha

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