Filipino-made Coffee Moreishi 10-in-1 Herbal Coffee

100% Filipino-made 10-in-Coffee especially made for Pinoys

For most Filipinos, breakfast will not be complete without a cup of  piping hot coffee. There are even others who can survive until lunch time by just drinking coffee— brewed or instant.

Now comes a unique coffee experience for Filipinos. Moreishi 10-in-1 coffee is not your ordinary instant coffee because it combines coffee, non-dairy creamer, fructose, and seven premium herbs in one sachet.

Coffee lovers will surely love it because of its engaging taste and the health benefits that they can get from every cup they drink.

It’s the only BFAD-approved coffee in the market that uses seven of the 10 herbs recognized by the Department of Health as “medicinal plants.” Frequent drinking of Moreshi-10-in-1 Coffee improves one’s over-all health condition as it boosts the immune system to prevent diseases such as asthma, kidney stones, high blood pressure, rheumatism and even goiter.

Ginger enhances one’s respiratory system and kills TB germs while ginseng is a good antioxidant and promotes stamina. Reishi or red mushroom strengthens the immune system, lowers blood cholesterol and helps cleanse the body. Aside from its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, turmeric (luyang dilaw) prevents eye cataracts.

Sambong, a natural diuretic, regulates fluid retention of the body and helps treat kidney stones. Kelp (seaweed) which is rich in iodine prevents goiter and even hair loss. It also promotes healthy fingernails. Lastly, the herb gotu kola which promotes skin elasticity is a brain tonic herb which improves mental focus and memory.

Moreishi-10-in-1 coffee is exclusively distributed by Empower Marketing Inc. (www.empower, the pioneer in multi-level marketing that is 100 percent Filipino-owned and advocates the use of Filipino-made products. The instant coffee was formulated by Filipino scientists and registered doctors from medicinal plants listed by the Department of Health as having been tested and clinically proven for their medicinal value.  Learn more about Moreishi 10-in-1 coffee and other Empower Marketing health products by visiting their website or calling them at 534-6702 to 04.

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  1. How is the taste? Does it taste like coffee with it’s distinct bitterness?

    I am a coffee drinker due to the nature of the job I have. Aside from smoking, coffee keeps people awake during the wee hours of the night.

    Love your blog.

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