Flair Tips on Managing your Credit Card

FLAIR TIPS on Managing your Credit Card:

  • Manage your spending.   Have a budget, don’t buy what you can’t afford
  • Don’t spend in excess of what you earn.  Live within your means.
  • Stay within your credit limits.
  • Pay bills on time. Be wary of your payment deadlines!
  • Pay your bills on time every month! Avoid additional fees and debt, pay on or before your due date and again, don’t spend in excess of what you earn
  • Be on the lookout for new offers from credit card companies.  New cards are being offered in the market  with features that allow you to earn as you spend


My New Best Friend – the New EastWest Everyday MasterCard

It’s  your All-in-One Cash Rebate Card

I have been living on my own for a while now and being independent has a lot of pros and cons.  One thing is definitely for sure, you take care of your own self.  I don’t have help so I clean my own house, take my clothes to the laundry, do my dishes and pay the bills.

On top of that, I have to do my grocery shopping on my own and take care of my own gas and car maintenance expenses!

I have to be careful with my cash flow.

My expenses could really go out of hand if I don’t manage my cash flow well! 


I stumbled upon ways I can earn while spending for my groceries, gasoline, meds and even shopping and travel! 


Oh, it’s part of being a lifestyle blogger, you spend for the good life you deserve!



Wouldn’t it be great to get something back from your daily purchases?  Well then, EastWest has the perfect credit card for us!  It’s the new EastWest Bank’s Everyday MasterCard!

I can get up to 5% cash rebate on my supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases.   Unlike other credit cards that offer cash rebates, I am not limited to earning rebates only for gas, or only for groceries, or only for a specific drugstore.  This cool credit card is an all-in-one cash rebate card.  That means, I can say goodbye to my other credit cards!  No more multiple annual fees (more clothing budget for me!) No more juggling with several statements of account (more me time for…me!)

Not only that, the cash rebates are automatically credited to your card once you reach an accumulated rebate of P200.00 monthly for hassle-free crediting!  I don’t need to redeem! How great is that?!

So lemme see what I can get for my purchases this month…

3 new tops


A pair of shoes (with to-die-for heels)


The bag I’ve been drooling over for weeks


New eye make up (a set of colors for each of my 3 new tops)


Total purchases to make me feel fab



A month’s worth of unleaded gasoline (save Mother Earth!)


Several trips to the supermarket to fill my faithful ref and bottomless candy cabinet


Vitamins to keep me healthy (can’t rely only on the doctor!)


Total monthly purchases for my essential stuff



Cash rebates earned



Php 500! I get Php 500 back?! That’s another top! Hmmm… that means I need to get a new set of makeup, perhaps another bag to match my eyes… then of course I need to gas up to go to gimmicks so I can show off my new stuff.

That’s what I call smart spending!




Know more about EastWest EveryDay MasterCard here:


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