FREE Internet with SmartNet Now Offers Yahoo! Services

I have been a fan of SmartNet since they announced this about more than a year ago.  Not only does it give you FREE Internet access to major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, it also gives you handy tools such as REAL TIME load balance updates (for prepaid) and usage (for postpaid).

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Evolution of SmartNet

Smartnet used to be exclusive for Smart Netphones.  A few months later, they made SmartNet downloadable to Android users, then to iOS, then to WindowsPhone.  Before it used to offer free SmartNet, Twitter and Facebook social media internet gateway, just recently, it added Yahoo! services to its roster.


Yahoo! Services

A new version of SmartNet for Android users can now be downloaded!  Now with free Yahoo! Services.  This includes FREE use of Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! OMG.

This new version of SmartNet will soon be available on iOS and WindowsPhone too!

This new version of SmartNet will soon be available on iOS and WindowsPhone too!



  • Because it is FREE!
  • The SmartNet app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone
  • SmartNet is ABSOLUTELY FREE (just maintain at least P1 balance for it to work)
  • Real time view of your load balance
  • FREE internet access to Facebook, Twitter and now Yahoo! Services
  • Safe Browse – enables you to control internet usage.  Turn off Internet 3G so you won’t be charged data (and still use SmartNet with this).  The button can be installed on your wall so it’s accessible.

Real Time view of account balance

This is the safe browsing button.  When it says “SmartNet” it means you are only connected to the FREE SmartNet network.

this means you are using “charged internet”

you can set it at your convenience.

It will prompt you if you’re about to use regular internet access too 🙂

I use iPhone now 😛

I can view my Facebook and Twitter friends’ updates for free! AND – I can reply to them immediately, FOR FREE!

Updating your status is fairly easy.

So… Are you taking advantage of SmartNet?


Flaircandy 🙂

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