Give Me a Pen and Paper and I Might Just Write a Love Song

I wrote love songs and poems before.  But I never kept them.  It was just me expressing myself sometimes.  Sometimes when I encounter a piece of paper folded inside an old Algebra book I feel like I found treasure.  I would read the words on that paper, it would seem familiar – but not quite.  I don’t recognize the words, but I recognize the handwriting – it’s mine.

Then I am amazed at the things I can write sometimes.  I never thought I could write those.

And so I heard Adele won a lot of major awards from the Grammy’s and that all happened because she got broken hearted.  Amazing, what love can do.

Give me a pen and paper and I might just write a love song.

UPDATE at 10:15…

After I wrote this blog entry, I attempted to write a song. And hey, I wrote this in 3-5 mins. No edits coz I don’t like editing.

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