Good Hair, Bad Hair

A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. ~Lycurgus

Just borrowed this quote from Lycurgus – an ancient name, a law-giver in Sparta. Even in the old times, they recognize that hair is a big part of your appearance. Hair influences our over-all look. It could add beauty or terror.

Terror – big word!

Why terror? Remember in those horror movies where you see a ghost in really creepy hair? (I was supposed to insert a picture of Sadako, but upon Google-ing it, it scared the hell out of me!!!)

Such big words. But does hair really matter?

To me, it is. I was so bored with my flat, black hair that I’ve had for 20 years and I decided to tinker with it. I did a hair rebond, and had my hair colored to suit my skin tone. I was very happy with the results and my boyfriend even commended my new look! I felt so nice that day. But, this beautiful hair needed to be maintained.

I didn’t know how.

And so I witnessed it dying – drying out, from a very silky straight hair to a wavy rude hair.

The only thing I’m thankful for is when my hair dilemma had perfect timing. A year ago, I tried out this Mystery Shampoo. There was no brand sticker and it only had a question mark.

Read all about my experience about the mystery shampoo here.

It was revealed after 14 days – and just like I suspected, it was Pantene.  My mom’s favorite shampoo.

It’s very hard to maintain a lively hair color that’s why I’m so keen even when brushing it when it’s wet.

And with my demanding lifestyle – it’s an extra challenge. Sand, Salt, Sea and Sand!

But I keep my hair this way…

Long, manageable and full of color!

My hair is exposed to a lot of challenges and so far, the only thing that’s keeping it healthy is keeping a healthy diet, monthly hair spa and Pantene.

Since my hair strands are thin, Pantene’s unbeatable damage protection helps in keeping my locks intact!  Compared to before, my shower floor barely has any hair strands this time!

But that’s just me, other people also feel the same way – starting with my mom who has always been using this shampoo ever since I was a kid.

Then, the many celebrities who need to keep their hair smooth and silky all the time.

Check out their testimonials about Pantene here.

So ladies, will you settle for anything less than the unbeatable?  ‘Coz I wont.  that’s why 150,000,000 women, including myself, have chosen Pantene to give us unbeatable damage protection.

Are you a believer of Pantene?  Visit Pantene Philippines’ official Facebook Page and share your own Pantene unbeatable damage protection story.

Discover Pantene for yourself.  You try, you decide.

*This post is sponsored by Pantene, but the experiences I shared are my own.

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