Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort, Room View and Hotel Tour

Sunset View at Guam Reef and Olive

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On our first 2 days in Guam, we booked at Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort Hotels. It scored 4 out of 5 in Tripadvisor reviews, and 8.2 out of 10 in reviews. It’s a 4-star hotel, known for their infinity pool cliff view of Tumon Bay with access to the beach. You have the best of both worlds!

Guam Reef and Olive Partial Ocean View
Sunset view from the room’s terrace

Check out my vlog for the video tour of our room in the Infinity Tower with Partial Ocean View.

Hotel Facilities

They have all the facilities a tourist would need in a tropical place. The beach, infinity pool, gym, spa, restaurants and services like shuttle and car rental. I honestly just tried the beach and the infinity pool. There are caveats to these amenities, that is, there are hidden charges.

Beach view from Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
You have to rent the cabanas if you want to use it. Nothing is free here except the use of the beach and the pool. They do have a beach towel you can use for free!

You have the beach, but you have to rent a Cabana. Solution to that, is bring your own beach towel. There are water sports by the beach too, but since we were on a budget and we were already happy with dipping our skin in the clear waters of Guam’s oceans, we didn’t bother trying them. The infinity pool has a glorious view of Tumon Bay and the surrounding resorts. The only thing is, there’s a lot of people using it! The beach however is just majestic! No strong waves at the time we were there and the waters are so clear. Water is shallow even if you’re far away from the beach break. There are a lot of dead corals though πŸ™ But there are still lots of fishes that roam around!

View from the infinity pool of Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
Guam Reef and Olive Infinity Pool – gloomy weather that will only last for a few minutes, then we were greeted by sunshine again

Speaking of activities, they offer yoga classes but it is offered in Japanese for a fee of $10 for hotel guests. They do it by the pool area at 6:30am. Very calming to the mind!

View of the gym at Guam Reef and Olive
All treadmills were out of order at the time we stayed. Solution: run at the beach for better leg training!

They have a gym, albeit a tiny one. They just have 4 treadmills, 2 ellipses, a stationary bike, a cable machine set and free weight dumbells. I think it’s better than nothing.

View of the gym of Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
Weight rack at the gym

Partial Ocean View Room

We had many rooms to choose from. We cannot afford the most luxurious rooms, but we don’t want to waste being in a wonderful place without a view. So we got the room with the partial view of the ocean. I was worried at what this room will be, and for those of you who happened to stumble upon my blog hoping to know what the view is like from this room, then this is your answer.

Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort Partial Ocean View
View of the entire Tumon Bay coast

I think it is even better than the ocean view! Ocean view will just probably (not 100% sure because I haven’t stepped foot in it) have the view of the ocean. Boring. What you want is the view of the entire stretch of Tumon Bay, which is exactly the definition of this room.

Room view of Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
This is what the double room looks like. Check out the redundant paintings! πŸ˜›

They have all the things a tourist would expect in a room. The room includes a water dispenser with hot and cold option. I am not kidding! It’s the first hotel I’ve seen doing this. It is convenient for me though, I’d get cold water and hot water at will!

FlairCandy at Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
When you wake up to this view, stress goes away!

The Bathroom

Who gives details about the room’s toilet? ME, ME, ME! Clean and sanitary toilets are a must in hotel rooms! Japanese Toilet. It is another highlight! I think almost all hotels in Guam install Japanese Toilets. These are high tech toilets that clean your bumbum automatically with you. The toilet seats also have a warmer! It’s something that my butt is terribly missing. I can’t believe I have sepanx for Japanese toilets!

Toilet/Bathroom shot of Guam Reef and Olive Hotel
Most hotels have Japanese toilet. It also warms the seat!

As for the shower’s water pressure, it is pretty good! You can easily control both the water pressure and the temperature, unlike some shower heads that make it difficult to shower in warm water then incidentally boiling yourself alive. All you have to do is move the shower control, one nudge a a time.

The Food

You are better off eating at the Eggs and Pancake cakes outside. Breakfast isn’t free in hotel rooms so that means, we had to pay a little extra. Warning, there aren’t a lot of protein from the buffet spread. They have lots of pastries though, for noms! Check my vlog to see what food Guam Reef and Olive buffet offers.

Food at Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
Buffet Spread during Breakfast


This is where Guam Reef and Olive wins! They have one of the best location since it’s near malls, restaurants, bus stop and the beach. This resort is the most affordable in the vicinity. Other resorts besides this are Westin, Outrigger and Dusit Thani, which are about at least $100 more expensive than Guam Olive.

View outside Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort
View outside the Hotel’s Entrance

Guam Day 1 and 2 Vlog

Subscribe to my vlog to get notifications of my next video that covers other hotels in Guam. Contents of this vlog include room view and hotel tour of Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort, Dobby Drone Testing and street view of the surrounding area of the hotel.

Click here if video doesn’t load.

Overall, this hotel is the more affordable choice compared to the other hotels. With that said, it is not perfect and has a lot of hidden costs. But, if you’re after the location, this is the hotel to book! You will save by getting a cheaper hotel in very nice location, and save a lot from getting cabs all the time.

Click here to book Guam Reef and Olive Spa Resort.

Have you ever been to Guam? Which hotel did you stay and what was your experience?

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