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Have you watched No Other Woman?  If you have, did you notice how stunning Anne Curtis looked with her “goddess hair” – it was super thick with full sexy waves!

I was super inggit and all the time I wanted to buy hair thickening products!

But, I discovered a better alternative to these hair medicines – Hair Extensions!

Although Anne has naturally nice hair already, she had to enhance it further to look like a goddess!!! – perfect for her role in the movie as a seductress! In the movie, she had extensions here and there.  When I discovered that this is the secret to her gorgeous goddess appeal in the movie, I knew I had to try hair extensions too!

Hair Manila

I found Hair Manila and was very happy that they can attach the extensions at the comforts of my home.

For many years, women have sought the perfect hairstyle. That elusive blend of volume, smoothness and style has created frustration in many women who seek to express their seek to express their personality and creativity through their hair.

And now it can be done at home!

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

This is before I got my hair *did*

Although I love my hair very much, it’s not perfect.  My hair strands are very thin.  Andy my hair is too short for some grand styling.

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

These are the hair extensions that they were about to attach to my hair!

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

I had my hair colored light brown!  But I’ve been lazy to re-dye my roots – you can see that it’s black #_#

“What do I do?”

Luckily they are experts and they exactly know what to do with my hair.

They had to mix the color black strands with colored light brown hair strands.

*Try to zoom in the picture above and you will notice the metal and rubber rings that attach the extensions to my real hair.

There are three or more different ways of attaching hair extensions but they said that the metal and rubber rings are the safest method.  And if your hair naturally falls every day, it will just fall on its own, unlike when it is braided – there’s a tendency that fallen  hair will stick out.There are  Best ways to regrow hair naturally if your hair fall, you can try a treatment or product that really help your hair.

It is perfectly safe and will not damage my hair.

The result

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

Longer hair with highlights!!!

It looks Ombre-ish – that hair color that Hollywood stars love to have these days!  Ombre because it looks beach-washed and it’s perfect for your tan ^_^

And I had to dress up a little bit and pose for the camera ;p

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

Hair Manila - Hair Extensions

oh, and you might wonder how to take care of hair with extension?

Just treat it as normal hair.  Although they will provide you with a special brush.  You might feel a little bit uneasy on the first two days.  It depends on the individual but as for me, I just had to take Ibuprofen and it was fine after that.  After 3 days, you will get used to having it around and you’d even forget it’s there.

You can wear the extensions for about 2 months, or more – or less.  You just have to inform Hair Manila when you would want it to be detached

For more details, check out their official website:

Hair Manila

100% Natural Hair Extensions done in the comfort of your own home

Hair Manila offers the following services:
• Per Strand 100% Human Hair Extensions
• Clip On Hair Extensions
• Clip On Bangs
• Labor, Color, Treatment
All packages include 100 strands of human hair, labor and hair extension brush.

You can also contact Hair Manila at 09175320626

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