Happy Anniversary Polecats Manila!

You want to know how I learned Pole?


I learned from the best!




Polecats Manila is Turning 3 Years Old!

Polecats Manila 3rd Year Anniversary

On November 3, 2012, Polecats Manila will be celebrating their 3rd year of pole love!

They will have an invite-only show (they are not selling tickets) that will happen on November 3, 7pm at Teatrino, Promenade Mall, Greenhills!

No tickets for sale, but they are giving away invites!  Check their Facebook to see how you and your friends can win invitations to this intimate event.  See you!


Polecats Manila

Official Website:  polecatsmanila.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/PolecatsManila

Twitter:  @polecatsmanila

Youtube:  youtube.com/polecatsmanila


With Intermediate 2 Pole Kittens during our Stellar Year 2 photoshoot


and me on the day of the show itself Smile


Polecats Manila

Official Website: polecatsmanila.com

Facebook: facebook.com/PolecatsManila

Twitter: @polecatsmanila

Youtube: youtube.com/polecatsmanila

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