Hed Kandi Disco Heaven Pure Kandi Blue Pink Headphones Review

Currently Listening to: Hed Kandi – Man in the Mirror Club / Dance Mix

I often listen to music when I work… and since work for me is play, I am just doing that by reviewing these headphones I have on – Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Disco Heaven Headphones!

Guess what color I picked – the very colorful Baby blue and baby pink colored headphones!


• Driver diameter: 30mm
• frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
• impedence: 32 Ohms
• sensitivity: 108 dB
• max input power: 100 mW
• cable length: 1.5m


I love the cute packaging.  It’s an eye candy and you can easily see the earphones when you look on it.  Specs and the quick description of the headphones are there, just enough if you need to decide to buy it or not.


Hardware and Design

I find the Pure Kandi Hed Kandi headphones very lightweight which is a big plus for me!  It si also designed to be foldable and flexible but sturdy enough.  Although, the soft mushy part that covers your ears is a little bit delicate so you just need to be careful on that one.

I say the Pure Kandi design is great for travel.  Light weight and it will add spice to your outfit for today.  Imagine chilling 32,000 feet above air as you’re sitted comfortably on an airplane, wearing this… It’s a flirting device too!

I usually have headaches when I use headphones.. but good enough, these headphones are flexible and light enough – it doesn’t hurt my hair nor my head 🙂

Sound Quality and Performance

I’ve experienced better headphones, but for the price that it offers, I’d say it’s a steal.  Quality of sound is great for its price and it sounds great with your house / club and some hiphop dance music.  And since Hed Kandi is quite a leader in House, Club and Chill music… it just makes sense that they created their own headphones to accompany their music.

I gauge the quality of a headphone if I can hear every instrument that the music has.  And so I had to listen to “Turn your lights down low” by Bob Marley.  Reggae music uses A LOT of instruments! And boy, I can hear the bass guitar, the organ, the acoustic drums, brass instrument to steel pans.

*enjoying my Blackberry Playbook and Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Headphones – listening to One Republic’s Good Life 🙂

SRP:  Php 1,990

Hedkandi headphones are available at the following stores:

  1. Power Mac
  2. Power Hub
  3. iStudio
  4. Astrovision
  5. Technoholics
  6. Bratpack
  7. Mobile 1
  8. Xsite
  9. 8 Telecom
  10. Abenson
  11. Electroworld
  12. Digital Hub
  13. Digital Walker
  14. Beyond The Box

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  3. Hi Danica! I got it from one of the shops in Eastwood mall. It’s not hard to miss as they specialize in pillows and couple shirts. I think they are located 3rd floor 😀

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