How to Cook Garlic Buttered Shrimp the Lazy Way

Hello guys!

Today we are going to talk about adulting. I have been adulting for a lot of years already and sometimes even I still haven’t figured everything out. I bet even if I grow up to 60 I still won’t be able to figure out everything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t learn things here and there.

I try my best and those years taught me a lot of things!

Lately, I don’t have help at home so I’m doing everything from laundry, cooking, to cleaning the toilet – me me me!

For this new segment on my channel “adulting”, I’m going to be sharing with you tips on how to “adult” effectively.

My diet requires me to eat a lot of protein, and a few good carbs. (But, I can eat anything I want on Sunday which is my cheatday). I usually just go to buffet restaurants because almost everything that I’m craving for – steak, seafood, grill, Japanese and desserts are alI generously available in the buffet. I can share with you in the next video vlogs what I eat on cheatdays if you’re interested, I warn you… I eat crazy on Sundays!

Seafood is one of my favorite things in the world! Everytime I go to a restaurant, I’d usually pay a crazy sum for just 3 pieces of shrimp. Go to a Japanese shop and order a 3-piece tempura, I’m sure it will cost you around 300 pesos or more.

So here’s a guide on how to cook your own Buttered Garlic Shrimps — the lazy way.

Step 1. Go get shrimps

I also do my own grocery and I saw fresh shrimps for sale. The price is just 400-500 pesos for 1 kilo! So I was thinking, instead of going to a restaurant to eat buttered garlic shrimp, which is my favorite, I’ll just buy from the grocery and cook them at home.

Today’s technology enables us to shop online already. Did you know that you can buy groceries, even meat and seafood online and delivered to your door? I think there are 1, 2 or 3 online grocery shops that you can check MetroMart, Grocery Delivery, PhilGrocer. I have not tried it, because I have a grocery store down my building. But do let me know if you’ve tried the service and let me know how it went!

Step 2. Prepare your ingredients

  1. Shrimp (I just used 1/4 kilo which costs around Php 120) and I got 10 regular-sized shrimps!
  2. Butter, not margarine. Margarine is not too good for you.
  3. Garlic powder – because this tutorial is called “Cooking Buttered Garlic Shrimp the lazy way”

*You don’t need to put any salt because shrimps are already flavourful and a little bit salty as it is.

Step 3. Heat the pan and the butter.

Wait for butter to look golden.

Step 4. Put your shrimps in.

I cook using the induction cooker and I put temperature to 400 at first for 3 minutes, then later I adjust it to 800 for about 1 minute, and then readjust it to 400 and let it stay there a little bit for about 5-10 minutes. Shrimps cook fast especially at higher temperature, but I town down the electrical fire a bit because I want the shrimps to be a little bit crispy. One way to do that without burning what you’re cooking is town down the temperature and let it fry longer.

Step 5. Add garlic.

Up to you if you want to use minced garlic. If that’s the case you might want to sautee your garlic with the butter first before putting the shrimps. But then again, since I’m lazy, I just bought this powder garlic that acts as my constant seasoning for everything I cook!

I love garlic!


When the shrimps have that nice orange look consistently without any parts that’s pale yellow, then you’re good to go. Serve.


I know this tastes really yummy with white rice NOMSSS!!! But I am trying to get back to shape because I have been somewhat sedentary after my surgery.

That’s it! Simple and it took me around 15 minutes only.

Good luck! :*


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