How to edit Start up programs

Isn’t it such a hassle when you open up your pc and you have to wait for 5 minuites for it to load. Then there must be some programs in your Windows start up that you don’t need to use.

You can edit the programs you would want to start on start-up. For example, you have yahoo messenger and msn that always runs ready upon start up. You could actually opt not to start them up since it is not necessary. Programs like this would just slow down your start up. There are however some items that you need to start instantly such as your anti-virus and spyware.

Here’s the how-to:

– Just click Start > Run
– Type msconfig then click “ok”
– go to the “start-up” tab then you would find a list of programs that start upon start-up

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  1. your pc must be very very slow if you have to wait for 5 minutes to load all your programs up.. get a duo core 3.06 processor and atleast 1GB of ram .. 😛 and hey! you don’t want to start your SPYWARE!^^

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