I Think I Just Killed a Chicken

It’s not like I don’t eat Chicken (which you have to kill first so that you could eat it).  But yes, today is the first tragedy I ever had in my 5 years of driving already. It just appeared all of a sudden!  Out of nowhere along the road that connects East ave and Quezon ave.

This event makes me want to be a vegetarian..

Seriously boss S, I know you’ll be laughing and teasing me when you read this.  I hate vegies, that’s why I just drink an expensive supplement.

OK, fine now, at least for the day I’m not gonna be eating any Chiken![ad]

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  1. Haha! The Hacker turned Chicken Hunter!

    Don’t you worry! Even I belong to the ‘pure-non-vegan’ category and I killed around 30 chicken (well, actually I ate chicken and only chicken) during my 45 day recent intern. The food was too good not to be eaten!

  2. O_O

    @ Praveen and Jehz… wutr you guys talking about? [O.o]’

    but wahaha @Praveen you’re so funny! lol I totaly agree with you wow your internship is over already ^_^ bravo yaey!

    @Jehz… chicken mafia? –> double [O.o]’ *SWT* what is it? that site is banned in office I cannot view 😛

  3. recently i ran over a dog -_-” and the worst part was, i heard it howl in pain when it was under my car. i even heard the bones cracking. but i had no choice cause had i swerved i might have put other motorist in danger and not forgetting my family in the car.

    rip the doggy -_-“

  4. oh about killing on the road. i ran over a snake this morning. it didnt die, i saw it in my side mirror. and by the way last wk i hit 2 birds in a single 2 hr trip. and last yr 5 chickens in one trip. hehe.. never a dog. no, no.. hi han, PG here

  5. running over animals on the road… yikes, i know the feeling. what about running over a cat but suddenly its nowhere to be seen when you check your rear-view and side mirrors. or or or… a maya bird hitting your windshield… i dont know whether to feel bad or feel kinda creeped out hehe

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