iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet

Back-up power supply is essential these days, especially for my job as a social media manager.  There’s no excuse of being not online I need to have back-up gadgets: load, data package and battery supply.

Since I bring a lot of gadgets with me to begin with, they must be light!  My poor back can’t carry them the whole day!  Good thing this iBattz Mojo back-up battery supply is as tiny as my credit card.




iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet

SRP at P1,790.00

This remarkable tool at its size is called the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet 1500mAh.  It acts as a very handy and portable back-up power for your mobile gadgets such as Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.  The best thing about this power pack is that it comes in a credit size form factor, thus they called it a “wallet.”  Not that it can literally fit in my tiny wallet, but you get the point.

Inside is a lithium battery module and includes USB to Micro USB cable.  iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card wallet can charge any mobile devices that generally uses Micro  USB interface on the go anytime and anywhere. 


The design

Every fashionista would like to have this!  It’s simple and minimalist, yet it makes a statement “I am fashionable, yet I’m responsible.” Having a back-up power system makes you more prepared when you’re in need to cover more fashion events.


Who it is for

I recommend this to people who are always on the go, for travelers and for people whose jobs give importance to communication.  For me, it would be a great help for covering events for my day job at the TV5 Network!  I can’t have any excuse not to be online.  As a traveler, this would help me too in long drives and flights!


The good and the bad

It is the tiniest power plug I’ve ever seen that doesn’t just use batteries.  It is very portable and light and the design looks fashionable too.  However, it won’t fill up more advanced gadgets needs like the latest iPhone and iPad devices.  I suggest to just make this really as a “back-up”




KEY FEATURES and Technical details

• Mojo Removable Power Wallet provides up to extra 80% battery to your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone within 90 minutes.

• With the included USB cable, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet can be easily recharged via a normal computer USB port, USB wall charger or USB car charger.

• Besides this, it also ACTS AS A BATTERY CHARGER FOR STANDARD BP-4L 1500 mAh BATTERY MODULES that is used on the Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S.

• iBattz family of Mojo Removable Power solutions prides itself as eco friendly products where our lithium battery modules can be changed after its average lifespan of 500 charges.



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