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Gaming for hours in front of PC could take a toll on the skin. For live streamers, we want to look presentable to our viewers. I usually avoid any makeup during my stream, except for thick eyebrows and some bold lipstick. But on some occasions, I like to prep up for streaming when I feel good!

It’s the holiday and when we have no work, it’s time to play! I can play 6-8 hrs a day if I’m free. Sometimes, I do it in the wee hours because internet is usually better and less clogged!

While I can use makeup for everyday use at work or when I have events, I feel the need to enhance my face’s features when I go on a live stream as well. This gave me idea to put L’Oreal’s Infallible line to the test.

I already tested L’Oreal Infallible line on my blog and vlog before. I tested the makeup versus sweat, food and time! Results were pretty good so do check that out.


Right now, I have received products from Lazada and L’Oreal for review. I am really excited because I am a fan of the Infallible makeup line! In addition to the existing products that have become a popular topic on blogs and vlogs, they included a new addition to this expanded Infallible line! They have the new Infallible Total Cover, full-coverage face makeup range that includes the Total Cover 24H Foundation, Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit, and Infallible total cover Concealing and Contour kit.

Infallible Total Cover 24HR Foundation

In comparison to the first foundation that they released, this one is their first 24HR weightless full coverage foundation that covers dark circles, redness, and blemishes that surely will feel natural if worn the entire day.


I love the smooth finish that lasts long despite the state I put my skin on. This product is loaded with pigments, giving total coverage. Their special ingredient is Alliagel, which allows it to glode smoothly on the skin, making it feel lightweight and look more natural when applied.


SRP: Php700

Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit

Color correctors don’t get much attention compared to concealers, but people need to realize their purpose in making our skin look flawless. This kit is an all-in-1 color correcting palette that neutralizes any kind of discoloration across all skin tones and types. This cream corrector helps in balancing and correcting imperfections on the skin.


SRP: Php 600

Quick color correcting guide:

  • Peach: to disguise dark circles
  • Yellow: to combat dark spots
  • Green: for any redness in your skin
  • Purple: to brighten dullness.

Infallible Total Cover Concealing & Contour Kit

I love this kit! I basically call it the photoshop pallette because it can do wonders to reshape your face to give you a more aesthetic look, without any surgery! This 3-in-1 pallette corrects dark circles, conceals imperfections, and contours the face to add depth and dimention. It contains 4 highly pigmented and creamy shades that can be used individually or together.


SRP: Php 600

All new Infallible Total Cover full coverage face makeup products will be available exclusively on Lazada on September 4, 2017. Click here to shop!

Check out my GRWM and Stream test video

Get ready with me as I get ready for my Twitch Stream playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s an online multiplayer game that has become a very popular because it’s just so much fun.

Before photo of my bare skin with zero makeup (only clear moisturizer). No photoshop, no filter, no apps used so I can really compare. Love the cream contour that usually is advised for people with dry skin.

The color-correcting kit helped me hide the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. I did not need to put concealer because it was enough to minimize attention underneath my eyes. I used the cream contour kit to shape my face and add shadows on parts I don’t want to emphasize. I love how photoshop or “beautify” function is not needed because of contour. It is magical! I absolutely love it!

Twitch Streaming Schedule

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Mon, 9pm PHT (GMT+8): PUBG
Thu, 9pm PHT (GMT+8): PUBG/BF1
Sat, 9am PHT (MGT+8): anything goes

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