Intel Ivy Bridge: 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors


This month has been full of recent tech launches.  Recently, Intel introduced Intel Ivy Bridge and its 3rd Gen Intel Core Processors.

Present at the event was Bogart the Explorer who had a video clip of him trying to explore some cave to look for that very speedy and efficient computer.

Intel introduced last June 15 the quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor family which delivers dramatic visual and performance computing gains for gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users alike.   Available now in powerful, high-end desktop, laptop and sleek all-in-one (AIO) designs, the new processors are the first chips in the world made using Intel’s 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology.


  • Quad-core processors now available in powerful, high-end desktop, laptop, and sleek and beautiful all-in-one designs.
  • Up to twice the HD media and 3-D graphics performance, as well as significant processor performance, deliver stunning visual experiences from mainstream gaming to HD video editing.
  • The next wave of Ultrabook devices powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors is more responsive and offers enhanced security in a choice of designs and top of the range gaming ram to complement the HD gaming experience.

GIST: You can now create and edit videos and photos, surf the web, watch HD movies and play mainstream games with quicker, crisper and more life-like experience.

More than 35 new ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook systems are available now or will be for purchase within 30 days, with more than 110 designs expected in the next year. Powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors, these new Ultrabook devices are more responsive and offer enhanced security in a selection of stylish designs for consumers and business users.


Highlights: Next Wave of Ultrabook Devices Bring More Responsiveness, Enhanced Security

  • Ultrabook devices powered by 3rd gen Intel Core processors deliver up to 2x the media and graphics performance compared to the previous generation
  • long battery life
  • more choice of stylish, thin designs
  • wakes up in a flash (hibernation mode to an active state in less than 7 seconds
  • Intel Smart Connect Technology helps keep email and social networks automatically updated even while on “Sleep” mode conserving power and battery life.
  • Ultrabook systems are equipped with enhanced security features including Intel Anti-Theft Technology that lets users automatically disable the system if lost or stolen
  • Intel Identity Protection technology – keeping people’s identity safe

In addition to increased responsiveness and enhanced security features, Ultrabook devices powered by the new 3rd generation Intel Core processors deliver up to two times the media and graphics performance

Touch-Enabled, Ultrabook Convertible Designs Offer No-Compromise Experiences

First announced by Intel just over a year ago, the Ultrabook category ushers in a new era of computing that has been quickly fueled by innovation from the broad industry.

Later this year, Intel and the industry will further evolve Ultrabook devices with the addition of touch-based experiences. Intel believes that touch capability is a key component to the Ultrabook experience and will be increasingly important across a wide range of devices. Touch will also help fuel even more innovation and new experiences, particularly for Ultrabook convertibles that offer a truly no-compromise computing experience.


Bringing the Best of Intel Technology to Smartphones, Tablets

Intel is committed to delivering a great all-around and secure smartphone experience, including fast browsing and downloads, great multitasking, a brilliant camera, great graphics and video performance with competitive battery life.

Intel-based tablets will extend the smartphone experience while offering compatibility with the extensive library of existing applications and devices. The company has 20 design wins based on the forthcoming 32nm Intel® Atomâ„¢ SoC, codenamed “Clover Trail,” and designed for Microsoft* Windows* 8. Whether in slate, convertible or other innovative designs, these tablets will be capable of delivering an always-on, always-connected experience that includes very thin solutions and all-day battery life.

The combination of Windows 8 with Intel inside is designed to give users the ability to run new applications offered in the fast and fluid Windows 8 user interface, while also supporting the existing Windows applications people know and use today.


The Future: Computers that See, Hear and Feel

Intel challenged the industry to shape the future of computing experiences by giving computers senses, or the ability to see, hear and feel much like people do. The addition of the touch-enabled experiences to the Ultrabook is only the beginning.

Announced in January, Intel and its partners are collaborating to provide a great multi-language voice experience to consumers. With this solution, users can check and update their social media sites, initiate voice over IP calls, search the Internet and control their media. Users can also control the Ultrabook when not connected to the Internet by using their voice to quickly and easily launch applications, play local media and multi-task.

Intel is working on future technologies that could let people engage more naturally and intuitively with a variety of devices, from the Ultrabook or smartphone to everyday intelligent systems. Such applications could include perceptual computing, intuitive and immersive short-range gesture recognition, using smartphones to interact with and control an Ultrabook or desktop PC, or even track a person’s heart rate through technology that “sees” and analyzes the movement of a person’s cheeks.



If this WOWs you know, I just can’t wait what they have to offer in the near future!


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