Is Chris Brown the Next Michael Jackson?

I have been a fan of Chris Brown ever since I saw his first video “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” video.  Until now, I am not tired of that song!  I also watched his concert with Rihanna even if it meant I had to super save for the expensive tickets!

I was saddened by what he did with Rihanna but I do truly hope that he’s renewed because he’s such one talented artist and I just can’t bear to watch him going down the hill.

Michael Jackson’s death anniversary just happened days ago and Chris Brown made a stunning performance with his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards.

Also, watch the finale of the video where he was trying to finish the song “Man in the Mirror” but he just broke down into tears and couldn’t properly sing anymore…

He’s maybe internalizing and maybe thinking of “change” within himself 😛

Isn’t he amazing? 🙂

He sings well… and dances superb! He’s a performer and I will watch his concert again if he has one.

What do you think?



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  2. Is Chris Brown the Next Michael Jackson? Nope. There’ll never be a another Michael Jackson. But Chris Brown will always be the only Chris Brown.

    As to the song ‘Man in the Mirror’ in the video, he was never able to start it in the first place. I guess he was so overcome with emotion, he can’t even belt out a single word without breaking down. I know how that feels. The loss of control is similar to stage fright.

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