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They think about just anything!

Have you ever had your hands on a scented pair of headphones?  Well, Juicy just has that!  Juicy headphones collection is a brand new range of scented headphones from the relatively new Juicy electronics company.  It’s new, fresh and inventive and these smelly earphones certainly tick all three boxes.  

Juicy electronics is fairly a new brand that’s really coming into its own in the last couple of months our so.  It is founded by budding entrepreneur Simon, they are a unique product and where else can you find fruity scented headphones?!!

I think this is the future, when new products would touch all our senses – this time the sense of smell for our gadgets!

There are initially six scents.  I got my hands (or shall I say nose) on the Cherry scented one!  At first I thought the box was joking.  The packaging really looks like a box of juice.  Then you smell it.  When you close your eyes, you would think it’s a drink!

But that’s the thing, you have to use all of your senses.  Open your eyes and you will see these cute colored earphones.  And embrace your ears with the sound quality.  It’s an eye-candy indeed, and one that touches our sniffing noses.  As for sound quality, I say it provides a great bass line.  Check out more specs on Juicy’s website.

Frequency response is at 22k Hz to ensure you can listen to your favorite beats in pure bliss.  The whole 1.2m cable is scented as well.  The earbuds are shaped in droplets to fit the snugly ear.  


Juicy is available at

Beyond The Box

Digital Hub

Digital Walker



Hobbes And Landes



Gadgets In Style

Price ranges from P950 – P1200 depending on mic / remote inclusion.

It’s a cute and unique gift you can give to your friends and loved ones.

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