Lingerie Fashion Show at the House of Vanita

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Quite true, lingerie makes things interesting.  I mean, even if people I meet everyday don’t see the underwear that I’m wearing, I still feel more confident about myself and you will see it with the way I  walk, talk and smile.  So, in times when you see me and you say “Hannah, you’re blooming” and you can’t figure out what changed in me or something, (whispers) that probably means I’m wearing some nice underwear Smile with tongue out You may call it Vanity, but if you know me, you’ll remember that to me – Vanity is not a sin.  Vanity is a virtue. Vanity means being pleased with oneself and you do all means to take care of your own body.  Laziness, for me, is the ultimate sin for yourself.  Being lazy to take care of your own self is not acceptable Smile But of course, anything with the extremes is not nice so don’t wear lacy underwear just to please yourself when you are out hiking in the mountains!

Speaking of lingerie…

I got an invite to model for a lingerie fashion show by Vanita you know how I love to experience new things all the time so I happily accepted!   Vanita is a luxury lingerie and swimwear brand especially designed for the Filipina.  Vanita’s designer is Fabiola Marin from Italy who also designed for Victoria’s Secret.  They just launched their main collection late last year which my friend Jake happened to blog about. (btw, Jake is a girl lol)

I hesitated to join at first because of my surgical scar on my left boob.  But, what the heck, thank goodness concealers were invented!  I was invited a month before the show and I swore to go on a diet and to shape-up fast… But it was an epic fail because I went to Malaysia twice and to Singapore too and you know how food tripping in these countries is a must!  In a span of one month I gained more pounds than I can spare.  5-8 pounds baby! EPIC FAIL of my CENTURY!!!

I never thought of backing out though, I would rather embrace my curves… Post the pictures on my blog (as you can see below) and send a message to my readers that it’s okay to have some fat in your body – we need it anyway!  And don’t be shy if you have a few extra stuff around, I do too!!! and I am REAL!

But this is also the beginning of my journey to keeping my figure fit and fab!  I committed to dance again and I did it.  I think it’s time to set a new goal for me.  My gastritis makes it hard for me to go on a diet because I can’t be hungry.  I need to munch on food all the time.  Antacids and other medicines don’t help.  In order to compensate, I must exercise regularly.  Sitting on the chair, editing photos and being stuck in traffic 3 hours a day doesn’t help.  So, I’m joining more runs and I am about to enroll for a gym membership and to continue my dance classes!  I’m also thinking of drinking wheat grass to help my tummy and my digestion process.  It sucks to have a suckie tummy Sad smile fml much!

It’s my birth anniversary soon and I just can’t help but think that I am ageing!  and I want to keep my body fab so here we go!  good luck to me and my journey to fitness.  I will absolutely update you guys on what my fitness plan is and share my nutritional diet plan and will let you know if it works.  You will see in the pictures lol.  and I don’t Photoshop, so what you see is what you get.

The Vanita Lingerie Fashion Show

The theme is inspired by Italian Cinema and Opera. I really loved the theme!!! It was so chic and I love how they transformed us all into beautiful belles Smile I loved how the hair stylist (didn’t catch his name Sad smile) designed our hairs and how we got glammed up with a very elegant look by makeup artist Ana Isip.  I have never felt so special in my entire life walking on the ramp without my clothes on Laughing out loud.  It was something different for me, something I’ve never done yet but is definitely in my to-do-list-before-I-die.  Thank you so much to the House of Vanita for fulfilling one of my never-have-I-imagined-it-would-become-a-reality item.

I also enjoyed spending time with the girls Vicky, Alex, Helga, Henzel, Aby and Shanna!  We were all sharing stories on what we did to diet and all other girly stuff!  Cam-whoring with each other was also a big highlight and learning how to work our abs the last minute was Vicky’s genius idea  ^_^. I will post behind-the-scenes in another post Smile

Also thanking friends who came Smile Earth, Michelle, Mike, Cheryl and Philip and of course to Vince for taking all of these photos.  To the ladies, did you like the collection rin ba?  I super like the wedding corsette but won’t need that anytime soon lol.  What were your favorites?

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (2)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (27)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (42)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (53)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (54)

So happy to see Earth!  She’s looking fab! You should have walked the ramp with us!

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (55)

Same goes out to Michelle.  You should walk the ramp next time!

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (56)


House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (64)

[flickr album=72157624993560817 num=64 size=Square]

House of Vanita


Address:  19F, Citibank Center, Paseo de Roxas corner Villar st., Makati City

Prices of Lingerie sets start from Php 1,200.

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  3. not really surprised, Hannah. You always look great!

    so, what’s next? men’s magazine cover? 🙂

    I won’t be surprised of that, either.

    Keep on rockin’, Hanna!

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  5. You look so lovely that night! It was great to see you too! Your super sizzling hot in there Vince looked so proud! haha!

    I don’t think I can do what you girls did, I turned down the offer to do the walk because I’m so shy! haha! You ladies are so brave and sexy and all deserving to be there. The show was great and I love the one you wear for the finale. I want too!

  6. I received an invitation that day as well. Too bad there’s Wordcamp LOL but you know that i’m so proud of you, right? 😀

    Advanced Happy Birthday dude 😛

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