Love Formula

A love like this.
Atypical of what I see in the movies.
A unique encounter with another soul.
Devoid of any formula.

Do we ever know how love works?
Or how do we think we can find love?
Do we seek love, or does it seek us?
Do we form bonds because we choose to?
Or do we connect because it is what our hearts beat to?

We often have an equation, a list, a guide
We are making love a science
Is that really what it is?
Or are we stripping love of its essence when we try to make sense of it?

The heart, or the mind?
Where can you find passion?
We all have been influenced by the world devoid us
We are afraid to deal with the consequences
We are confused about which ideal to follow

How about we stop, unlearn and listen
Listen to your own voice, listen to him
Hear your hearts beat for each other
Enjoy the rhythm it makes.
Only when you free yourself and give space
to receive, will you experience true love


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